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10 Sites That Allow You to Cartoon Yourself

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A popular form of creating a profile avatar is cartooning yourself, or more accurately cartooning a photo of yourself. There are a number of programs and websites available that will convert an image that you upload into a cartoon-like figure so that you can make your own personalized avatar. So whether you want to revamp your look, spice up your profile, or use an alternative image for the sake of privacy online, here’s a list of ten sites where you can cartoon yourself:

  1. Cartoonize.netTurn yourself into a cartoon character in just 3 easy steps. All you need to do is upload the photo you’d like to convert, select the type of animation effect you prefer, click “Cartoonize Now”, and then see the results.
  2. AnyMaking.com – Choose from a wide variety of effects to use on the photo of your choice, and convert the image quickly and easily. One especially cool one? The engrave effect. It made us look like we were printed on legal tender!
  3. Face Your MangaCreate a mangatar by choosing each individual feature for your avatar, like face shape, ears, nose, mouth, etc. Or if you’re not feeling that creative, you can select the random feature to allow the program to do the work for you. 
  4. Yahoo AvatarsSelect the gender, facial expression and apparel for your avatar. You can export the avatar to Facebook and twitter as well as use it for your Yahoo profile. The options are somewhat limited, but nicely rendered.
  5. Portrait Illustration MakerUse the randomizer to generate random images if you don’t want to make the decisions. Or use the array of options at the top of the page that allow you to select a detailed image that is entirely your own. You can get pretty accurate renditions with some experimentation.
  6. WaniBUpload a facial photo and select cartoon features to add to your image. It works best with high-resolution full frontal face pictures. Be a hit man, martial artist, basketball idol, vamp, superhero, and more.
  7. Cartoon Pho.toThere are all sorts of effects and goodies scattered around this site. Choose from effects such as touch-up, filtering and more – along with the cartooning feature. Check out the photo montage, ‘zine covers and collages for some real fun.
  8. Osoq.com – Cartoon caricatures with animation; make your own forever stamp or an e-card for any occasion. Although the site touts itself as 100% free, there is a purchase option that gives you the option of updating your avatar.
  9. The Simpsons MovieThe official website for the Simpsons movie has a feature where you can create your own avatar in the same animation style as the Simpsons characters. The site’s been around for so long that it includes an option to add your avatar to your MySpace page, but lacks a Facebook connection.
  10. WoozWorldJoin a virtual world, a la Sim City, where you create your own avatar and play online with millions of other users. You can dress up your avatar as well as your virtual space, create your own little world, and make friends with WoozWorld.
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10 Tweets That Summarize the Book Angels and Demons

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The prequel that introduces Robert Langdon, the protagonist of Dan Brown’s runaway bestseller The Da Vinci Code, entitled Angels and Demons, shares the same themes of religion and conspiracy as its popular successor. The novels have spawned hit films starring Tom Hanks and spurred much debate among readers about the true nature of secret societies. And if we had to sum up the book Angels and Demons on Twitter, we imagine it’d go a little like this: 

  1. “@MaximilianKohler has invited me to #Switzerland to consult on @LeonardoVetra’s murder.” – When Maximilian Kohler, director of Switzerland’s CERN discovers the corpse of leading physicist Leonardo Vetra, he decides to contact symbologist and Illuminati expert Robert Langdon due to the “Illuminati” ambigram on Vetra’s chest.
  2. “The #ambigram on @LeonardoVetra’s chest is authentic. His latest discovery has also been stolen.” – They quickly determine that the once-dead Illuminati society has reformed and is potentially responsible for the theft of the antimatter that Leonardo Vetra was studying. Because the antimatter is highly destructive, the race to recover it and solve the murder begins.
  3. “The battery stabilizing the #antimatter has 24 hours of power, and is counting down within Vatican City.” – The canister containing antimatter is dependent upon the electrical charger for stability, but also has a back-up battery with a life of 24 hours. The canister, hidden somewhere in Vatican City, is positioned in front of a security camera whose digital clock is counting down to the explosion, which would have the same effect as a small nuclear bomb.
  4. “@Vittoria and I have come to Vatican City; the #Preferiti are missing.” – Due to the recent death of the Pope, the Vatican City is in a state of flux. The Preferiti, who are four cardinals that have the strongest chances of becoming the new Pope, are all missing. Langdon, with the help of Vetra’s adopted daughter Vittoria, begin to search for the Preferiti in hopes that their discovery will lead to the recovery of the antimatter.
  5. “I will be following the #PathOfIllumination. Hopefully, this will lead to the Preferiti and the antimatter.” – The historic “Path of Illumination,” once a rite of passage for Illuminati hopefuls, travels through Rome and its surrounding areas with clues hidden in various landmarks. The path eventually leads to the Illuminati’s meeting place; Langdon hopes that it will also lead to the Preferiti.
  6. “Along the #PathOfIllumination, I’ve discovered the bodies of each four cardinals. #RitualisticMurder” – Following the Path of Illumination, Robert Langdon discovers that at four points associated with the elements, there is a murdered cardinal. “Earth” has soil in his throat, “Air” has punctured lungs, “Fire” was burned alive and “Water” drowned in a fountain. Each body is branded with their respective element’s ambigram.
  7. “@Vittoria has been kidnapped!” – Working under the orders of a mysterious master called “Janus,” an unnamed assassin kidnaps Vittoria upon being discovered in the process of killing the third cardinal. Langdon escapes, and arrives at the fourth landmark too late to save the last cardinal.
  8. “@Vittoria has been found, along with a tunnel that leads into the #Pope’s chambers from Vaste Sant’Angelo.” – Racing to complete the Path and rescue Vittoria, Langdon discovers a tunnel beneath Castel Sant’Angelo that leads into the Pope’s chambers within the Vatican. Vittoria is freed, and the duo rush back to St. Peter’s Basilica.
  9. “The #SwissGuard shot @MaximilianKohler. Before he died, he gave me a #videotape.” – Upon their arrival at St. Peter’s Basilica, Langdon and Vittoria discover that Maximilian Kohler has decided to confront Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca privately. As the camerlengo howls in agony after being branded with the Illuminati Diamond, the Swiss Guards enter the room and shoot Kohler. With the last of his energy, Kohler gives Robert Langdon a videotape and promises that it contains an explanation. As the clock ticks, the Swiss Guard evacuates St. Peter’s. The camerlengo states that he’s had a vision of the canister, and leads Langdon through the catacombs where the antimatter is placed on Saint Peter’s tomb. Boarding a helicopter with the antimatter, the camerlengo parachutes safely into St. Peter’s square and Langdon uses a makeshift parachute fashioned from a window cover to land in the Tiber River. In the sky, the canister explodes while on the ground, the papal conclave discusses the camerlengo as a papal candidate in light of the “miracle.”
  10. “The #videotape contains damning evidence against @CamerlengoCarlo.” – The videotape given to Langdon by a dying Maximilian Kohler contains footage of the Pope’s meeting with Leondardo Vetra before their deaths. In the tape, the Pope reveals that he has a son through the wonders of science. An outraged Camerlengo Ventresca, believing that the Pope has broken his vow of chastity, decides to mete out justice by poisoning the pope. Acting as “Janus,” he also recruits and assassin to kill Leonardo Vetra, procure the antimatter and murder the four cardinals. Using the Illuminati scheme as a cover for his actions, Ventresca also plants the antimatter in order to paint himself as a hero after “discovering” it. When he learns that he is the biological son of the Pope, conceived via artificial insemination rather than as the result of a papal indiscretion, Ventresca sets himself on fire in St. Peter’s Square as an act of attrition. 

Three years after the book Angels and Demons was released, the publishing phenomenon The Da Vinci Code hit the shelves and took the world by storm. Dan Brown’s novels have since sold millions of copies and acted as source material for major motion pictures.

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10 Things Neil Armstrong Would Have Tweeted From the Moon

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Ever since social media networking like Twitter came into vogue, people interact and promote themselves in entirely new ways. It’s a 24-hour world, so updates are constant, even when there isn’t any seemingly relevant information to update. So what would happen if an historical figure had some really big news to share and had a Twitter account? Let’s look at ten things astronaut Neil Armstrong would have tweeted from the Moon:

  1. That’s one small step for a man and one giant endorsement check for yours truly. RT if you love the taste of #Moon Pies.  Who could blame a man for capitalizing on such a momentous occasion? How much was astronaut pay back in 1969 anyway?
  2. MichaelCollins Sucks to be you. All this way to the moon and you’re stuck playing designated driver, watching from your window. We wonder if they had to draw straws when they planned this mission, or if Collins needed the frequent flier miles.
  3. BuzzAldrin Do me a favor and hold my seat while I step outside for some fresh air, OK? Psyche! Hey, c’mon out, the weather’s fine. Couldn’t you just see Armstrong tweeting this from the landing module while Aldrin is shutting down the LM and preparing to exit?
  4. @Houston Just in case you were wondering: No, it is not made of cheese. I guess it was just @MichaelCollins we smelled all this time.  That Armstrong, he’s such a kidder.
  5. To my wife, @JanetArmstrong – I told you I would give you the moon if you married me. RT if you can see me waving to you on TV. Call us sentimental old fluffs, but we think it’s romantic.
  6. RT if you just downloaded “Fly Me to the Moon” from iTunes. Shout out to my good friend @OldBlueEyes. See you in Vegas. Hey, it could happen. And I bet Neil gets front row seats at the Sands too.
  7. Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of … me, and my crew. Apollo 11 moon trek, baby. Eat my moon dust, Shatner.  This is what happens when you step all over virgin territory and turn up your oxygen.
  8. How much you wanna bet that in ten years they’ll have a @Wal-Mart and three subdivisions right over there in the #Sea of Tranquility? I wouldn’t have taken that bet, would you?
  9. In space, no one can hear you scream – or see you pee yourself. Guess I should have made one last call back at Cape Kennedy. Maybe there’s another endorsement deal in here for Depends.
  10. For a minute there, I thought we’d landed in New Jersey. I kid, I kid. But seriously, does this dirt remind you of Atlantic City or what? He’s here all week, folks. Try the Moon Pies.
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10 Reasons You Can Never Have Enough Internet Bandwidth

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When discussing computer performance, inevitably the term bandwidth will surface. In that context, bandwidth can refer to several rather different measures. In some cases, it means the amount of network capacity available to users. In other cases it refers to consumed capacity, as in the case of bandwidth caps. In any context, more bandwidth is always preferred, so there are plenty of reasons why you just can’t have enough of it. Here’s a list of ten such reasons:

  1. Multimedia – Computers, and even mobile devices, have long outgrown the basic email/web surfing functions of decades past. Today’s users need far more bandwidth to do the tasks, and enjoy the entertainment that’s currently available.
  2. Speed – The more bandwidth that a network has, the more data it is capable of carrying in a given period of time. That means the network will transfer data faster, which is something everyone wants.
  3. Expansion – If you’ve got more bandwidth, you are better equipped to add users and/or devices on your network without any significant performance degradation. You won’t suffer from the typical bottle-necking that occurs when there isn’t enough to go around.
  4. Population Density – By the same token, when your home network is on a shared network – as most internet connections will be – you’re sharing a finite amount of bandwidth with all other users who connect through your local ISP server.
  5. Transferring Data – Since we’re transferring larger files up- and downstream (streaming videos, music files, movies), there is a greater need for bandwidth than before. Most of today’s apps need far more bandwidth in order to function well.
  6. Throttling – Some ISP’s – notably satellite servers – will have bandwidth caps applied to their users in order to ensure that all users have access. These caps are known as FAP’s, or Fair Access Policies. When a user exceeds his allowed bandwidth maximum, his computer will experience the effects of throttling back the data transfer rate.
  7. Connecting the World – The ITU, or International Telecommunication Union, an agency of the U.N., is working feverishly to “connect the unconnected by 2015”. Third world countries around the world are being brought into the digital age. With added users comes the need for additional bandwidth to carry the increased traffic.
  8. Sites Crash – Every now and then, you’ll hear of a website crashing, because it was hit with more queries/visits than it was equipped to handle; or sites that are shut down for exceeding the amount of bandwidth they were allotted by their host server.
  9. Apps – Anyone with an iPhone knows that apps are virtually breeding like rabbits somewhere between here and Silicone Valley. Companies are creating them by the minute, it seems, and they all take up both memory and bandwidth, as many of them run constantly in the background of the devices on which they’re installed.
  10. Wireless/Wi-Fi – Now that so many computer users are operating more than one device, and going mobile, there is demand for internet in virtually every nook and cranny that people travel to or through. It’s no longer enough to just have connections at home, users increasingly expect an always-on, always-connected internet.
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10 Ways to Keep Your Spouse from Seeing Your Internet History

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Your internet browsing history offers a nice peak into your private life. Where you spend your time, what you’ve searched for, what websites you visit most frequently – they’re all very telltale signs to who you really are. Because of this, you may not want your spouse to see where you’ve been while surfing the net. We’ll not address the reasons as to why, but if you are looking to keep your internet history a private affair there are ways to do so, and we’ve compiled some of them below. 

  1. Internet Explorer – To hide your internet history when you use Explorer follow these steps: a) Go to the top of the screen and open the “Tools” menu. b) Click on “Internet options.” c) Go to “Delete browsing history.” d) Click on the “History” and “Form data” boxes when the pop up menu comes up. e) Click on delete.
  2. Firefox – If you use a Firefox browser and are interested in deleting your browsing history, then you will start by first opening the “Tools” menu. Next, select the “Internet options” and click on that. Then, click on the “Privacy” label. Finally, click on the “Clear History” tab.
  3. Google Chrome – If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, follow these steps to remove your browsing history: select the “Tools” menu, then click on the “Options” tab. Another menu will appear, and you will select the “Under the hood” label. Next, click on the tag that says “Clear browsing data.” Then, click on the boxes labeled “Clear browsing history,” then, “Everything.” Last, select “Clear browsing data.”
  4. Clearing unwanted information from Firefox – Sometimes you may have been redirected to an inappropriate site and you only want to clear that from your browser. If this is the case and you use Firefox then you can delete that by selecting the “Tools” option on the tool bar. Next, select “Clear Recent History.” After that, you need to choose from the options at which point you want to clear the history. You can choose between “Last Hour,” “Last Two Hours,” “Last Four Hours” or you can select “Everything.” When you exit Firefox and re-open the browser the adjustments will be complete.
  5. Private Browsing Features– Most current browser versions have a private browsing setting that allows you to browse without storing the history. Chrome’s private browsing feature is called ‘Incognito’ and can be found under Tools, while Safari and Firefox simply call theirs ‘Private Browsing.” Explorer’s feature is found under the Safety menu and is called ‘InPrivate Mode.’
  6. Go to the Library – Public Libraries have computers that can be used by the public. If you don’t want your spouse to see your internet history, you can take a trip to the local library and use one of their computers.
  7. Use the computers at a workforce center – If you are doing work related searches, and for some reason, you don’t want your spouse to be aware of them, you can check on using the computers at a workforce center. Computers at such places are used by people looking for work. There may be some restrictions regarding which sites you can browse, however.
  8. Turning off signed in search personalization with Google browsers – If you wish to disable history based searches, you will need to delete all past web history from your Google account. This can be accomplished by going to google.com/history while you are signed into your Google account. Once you get there, select “Remove all web history.” This will erase all items in your web history and prevent any future web history from being recorded.
  9. Clear cookies and cache from your browser – If you just want to clear your browser of the cache and the current cookies (the tiny files that remember your personal settings) then you should go to the Google Accounts Help Center if you are using a Google browser.
  10. Clear your Toolbar search history – If you need to clear the history from your toolbar and you are using Google for your browser just go to the Google Toolbar Help Center. There you will find the directions to clearing Toolbar search history.

Each browser has their own unique way of ensuring that you can swipe clean the history with the click of a few buttons. Whether it’s to make sure a surprise remains a surprise or you just don’t want questions about your internet habits, you can find ways to circumvent curious eyes. 

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10 Examples of Stars Leveraging Their Fame on Twitter

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As a tool for building a large following in a short time, Twitter is hard to beat. That’s why so many celebrities are using their profiles to such great effect. It provides a venue for communicating with their fan base, and building their brand. The following are ten examples of stars leveraging their fame on Twitter:

  1. Wil Wheaton @Wilw Known to trekkies as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: TNG, Wheaton has reinvented himself as an online personality as well. Regularly interacting with his followers, as well as following back, he has generated a following in large part because of his techie persona as well as his on-screen celebrity.
  2. Stephen Fry @stephenfry – British actor and comedian, Fry is another example of engaging celebrity who follows and tweets quite often. His tweets are genuine, funny, informative and a lot more frequent than you might expect from a busy star.
  3. Ashton Kutcher @aplusk – Kutcher has gained so much of a following from his activity on Twitter that he felt obliged to announce his relinquishing of control over his account. Despite tweeting an ill-informed tweet in support of Joe Paterno at the onset of the Penn State sex scandal, Kutcher’s notoriety as well as his celebrity keep him at over 9.5 million followers.
  4. Jeff Probst @JeffProbst – Host of popular TV show Survivor, Probst leverages his fame by tweeting live during broadcasts of the show. As a result, his number of followers goes through the roof every time the show airs.
  5. Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack – The comedian leverages his celebrity on Twitter for charity causes on occasion, such as the time he roasted any of his followers who donated $5 toward a disability service.
  6. Justin Timberlake @jtimberlake – He and a number of other celebs used their celebrity on Twitter by announcing that he would cease updating his Twitter feeds until AIDS charity Keep a Child Alive had received $1 million dollars in donations.
  7. TwitChange @TwitChange – Launched as a result of the Haiti earthquake disaster in 2010, this group is dedicated to using Twitter to do good in the world and affect change. One of their campaigns involves auctioning celebrity tweets follows, @mentions for donors to their cause.
  8. Kim Kardashian @KimKardashian – leveraged her family’s fame to great effect in campaigning for women’s clothing retailer, bebe. Using the Kardashian connection on Twitter with millions of bebe’s target demographic via Twitter Q&A sessions, they successfully launched their collection.
  9. MC Hammer @MCHammer – Despite having retired from the music industry after losing his fortune, Hammer manages to have more followers that many contemporary stars. How? By staying in touch. His name recognition earned him a strong following long before neo-celebs got on board. He built his following from there by tweeting regularly, and responding to his followers’ tweets.
  10. Jon Bon Jovi @BonJovi – Sometimes a star needs to leverage his Twitter fame in order to provide proof that he’s still among the living. Bon Jovi had to post a tweet with a photo and time stamp recently, to quell rumors of his passing.

These are just a few of the celebrities to make it big on Twitter. Many more minor celebrities have quite the following on this flexible and fun social networking site. Check it out and see if your favorite celeb has a Twitter account of their own!

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10 Reasons the Government Should Not Regulate the Internet

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In the light of recent controversies regarding bills like the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act (PROTECT IP Act), Americans are having more discussions about the implications of a government-controlled internet. A reality in many parts of the world, regulated and heavily censored internet activity seems to be more of a possibility than ever for the United States as well. Here are ten of the reasons why governments should not regulate the internet.

  1. To Protect the First Amendment – One of the most cherished rights granted to Americans, the right to free speech and freedom of the press, is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Regulating and censoring online content would be in direct opposition of the Amendment.
  2. Encouraging Entrepreneurial Activity – An open internet also encourages another beloved aspect of the American Dream: the ability to create our own fortunes. The web allows entrepreneurs to fill any one of an endless array of niches, which stimulates economic activity.
  3. Facilitating Innovation – The internet as Americans know it today provides a variety of platforms for exploring emerging technology and even improving upon it, keeping the nation in the race of innovation and development of new areas.
  4. Complications of Regulating Legitimate Sites Under Sweeping Legislation – Broadly worded legislation could make it difficult to regulate legitimate sites, causing them to become lost in the shuffle of “objectionable” sites and depriving users of their potentially valuable information.
  5. Maintaining Citizens’ Right to Privacy – In our post-9/11 world, the concept of a citizen’s right to privacy has changed significantly. The Patriot Act and other similar bills have already increased the amount of surveillance the public endures; regulating the internet would be another step on a very slippery slope.
  6. “Offensive” is Arbitrary – The freedom of religion and the ability to make our own choices are key parts of the American cultural identity; what one person considers offensive may not be questionable in the least to another. In the event of a regulated internet, who would make the final call on web content and its level of offensiveness?
  7. Protecting Educational Value of the Web – While there are certainly dangers lurking in the darker corners of the internet, the vast stores of knowledge that can be accessed outweigh them greatly. Changing the functionality of the web could quite possibly make it more difficult to access educational material in an attempt to censor more controversial content.
  8. Preventing the Increase of Government Spending – The creation of a regulated internet would require an enormous amount of manpower in surveillance alone. Paired with the amount of money that would have to be spent on creating filters and sifting through the almost infinite amount of information available would be staggering.
  9. It Could Fan the Flames of Civil Unrest – The outrage of Egyptian people at their government’s disabling of the internet during a period of political upheaval should serve as a very strong example of why the government should not interfere with the web. An already-disillusioned populace can very quickly become mutinous when their ability to interact with the outside world is taken away.
  10. Savvy Hackers Will Defeat the System Anyway – If groups like Anonymous have proved anything, it’s that a keen mind and a determination to access information will inevitably lead to a back-door solution. Hackers would still be able to override the system to see the same content they do now; however, an already miserably overpopulated prison system would be immensely burdened by the influx of “criminals.”

These are only a few of the reasons why the government should not attempt to censor or filter the internet; like the proverbial iceberg, the bulk of the argument lies beneath the surface of what the average citizen sees.

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10 Tweets That Summarize the Book The Lord of the Rings

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Few literary works have inspired the long-standing community of devoted fans as the epic J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings Saga. Published in three volumes, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King, these stories are a continuation of the story Tolkien began with the children’s fantasy novel The Hobbit. The complex world-building and fanatical attention to detail sets the Tolkien universe apart from all other fantasy franchises, making it one of the most popular works in literary history. Here’s a quick summary of this sprawling tale, in the form of ten tweets that characters might have made at various points in their adventures.

  1. “Cousin @BilboBaggins has left a mysterious gift; a ring that @Gandalf says I should never use.” – @FrodoBagginsThe Fellowship of the Ring opens with the eccentric Bilbo’s “eleventy-first” birthday party, in which he announces that he is leaving and abruptly disappears. Upon walking back to Bag End, he takes off his ring and becomes visible again, where he packs for a journey. The wizard Gandalf reminds him of his vow to leave the ring for his orphan cousin Frodo; Bilbo seems conflicted about being parted from it. Alternately saying that he’ll be glad to be rid of the ring and becoming angry with Gandalf for attempting to take it, he eventually departs for an unknown destination, leaving the ring in Gandalf’s care.
  2. “Enjoyed @TomBombadil’s hospitality, and his stories. Still, there’s something about him, and these #strangedreams…” – @FrodoBaggins – After rescuing the Hobbits from Old Man Willow, the mysterious Tom Bombadil brings the group home with him. There, they are greeted by his wife Goldberry who gives Frodo an enigmatic answer to his questions about Bombadil. All of the Hobbits except for Sam are troubled by nightmares, but are comforted when they realize they’re safe in Bombadil’s home. When they wake up the next morning they find that the rainfall prevents them from continuing on their journey. To pass the time, Tom tells them ancient stories and teaches them a rhyme that will summon him should they find themselves in need of help. They also discover that Bombadil is unaffected by the Ring’s powers, which stirs Frodo’s curiosity further. He attempts to discover more about Tom Bombadil’s identity by asking directly, but this proves to be fruitless; Bombadil’s answer is vague and leaves Frodo faintly suspicious.
  3. “After being wounded by #Ringwraiths, I awoke in #Rivendell to find @Gandalf and @BilboBaggins present. @BilboBaggins behaved strangely.”@FrodoBaggins – After learning that the Black Rider’s knife had splintered in his shoulder and was working its way into his heart, Frodo gains more knowledge from Gandalf regarding the Rings of Power. Recovered from his wound, Frodo attends dinner hosted by Elrond and is pleasantly surprised to find his cousin Bilbo present. When Bilbo asks to see the Ring, a change in his demeanor causes Frodo to hesitate. Noting Frodo’s reluctance, Bilbo apologizes but the relationship is slightly tainted by the Ring’s power.
  4. “A #Balrog pulled Gandalf into a chasm at the #GreatGatesOfMoria. @Aragorn led us from danger, but we all grieve.” – FrodoBaggins – The loss of Gandalf in a fight with Orcs and a Balrog leaves the Company in mourning, and Aragorn to assume the mantle of leadership. Despite their grief, the Company makes their way into Lothlorien. Frodo catches a glimpse of a mysterious crouching figure, but it slips away into the darkness before it can be seen clearly.
  5. “We’ve arrived in #CarasGaladhon; @LadyGaladriel has shown me glimpses of the future in her #mirror.” – FrodoBaggins – The Company is taken into Caras Galadhon, where they’re presented to Lorien’s rulers, Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. Understanding his mission, Galadriel shows Frodo and Sam the basin she calls a mirror, warning them that the prophecies it holds are dangerous to interpret. Sam’s vision of Hobbiton’s destruction frighten him for a moment, but Frodo’s fragmented vision foretells of mysterious things yet to come with visions of an aged figure dressed in white, sailing ships, a white fortress and the great eye rimmed in fire that he knows is searching for him.
  6. “The #Orcs descended. @Legolas and @Gimli fought valiantly, and @KingTheoden appeared in time to cause the Orcs’ retreat.” – @Aragorn – Theoden’s timely appearance and defeat of the Orcs makes for the most tense battle scene up to that point. Despite Aragorn’s fears that the Hornburg would be taken, citadel is held. Gandalf’s reappearance causes the Riders of Rohan to hail him as he comes astride Shadowfax and the Orcs retreat into the lands around Helm’s Deep.
  7. “The #Ents caused immense destruction at @Orthanc. @Sauruman is trapped in the tower.” – @Merry – Relating the story of the Enty assembly, decision to fight Saruman and their resulting victory, Merry also shares that Gandalf sought a meeting to secure Treebeard’s help. During the battle, The Ents trapped Saruman in the tower and Orthanc and broke nearby dams which flooded the earth under Isengard. This destroyed all of the Orcs in the lower areas.
  8. “Gondor is saved. #Mordor’s army has been defeated; @Eomer, @Imrahil and I are returning to the city.” – @Aragorn – With a detailed account of the battle and many displays of courageous heroics, the chapter dedicated to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields marks a bit of resolution to the building tension of the second and third volumes of the tale. As Eowyn and Merry emerge the unlikely heroes of the battle, the tale returns to Pippin’s perspective.
  9. “I made a gift of #Sting to @Sam, and we attended a feast. @Aragorn is preparing to ascend as ruler of #Gondor.” – @FrodoBaggins – The fall of Sauron and the ensuing festivities at Gondor’s court mark the first time that the Hobbits are treated with the respect afforded to heroes. After the suspicion and hostility they’ve encountered, their reception at Gondor shows the Hobbits coming into their own as a Middle Earth race.
  10. “@Rosie: Well, I’m back.” – @Sam – After witnessing Saruman’s feeble last stand and restoring Hobbiton, Sam closes the sprawling tale by giving to Rosie, after she deposits Elanor on his lap, the simple phrase, “Well, I’m back.”

Analysis of Tolkien’s universe has been widespread for decades, spawning dozens of books about the author and the world he created. The film adaptations of these three volumes by Peter Jackson were among the most highly anticipated of their decade, and the mythos has served as inspiration for countless authors within the fantasy genre.

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10 Things Napoleon Would Have Tweeted

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In this latest installment of an ongoing series that explores what history might have looked like from a social networking perspective, we consider what tweets we might have expected from one Napoleon Bonaparte. You probably remember him. Short, feisty dude with a serious chip on his shoulder. Fought quite a bit. Or is that Joe Pesci? Either way, let’s take a look at what he would have said from his Twitter profile:

  1. I’ve got a beef with @Wellington. No way he beats me one-on-one and I’m not sick. Plus it was raining. I demand a rematch. It’s true, Wellington stacked the deck, and Napoleon did have to advance through some pretty sloppy terrain. But seriously, it’s been 197 years. Let’s move on.
  2. For all my peeps wondering why I keep my hand inside my coat: I’m packin’ heat, homies. That’s how we roll in the Corsican hood. We just thought it would be fun to imagine one of the greatest military leaders in history going all gangsta.
  3. 867-5309, 867-5309. @Josephine, I got your number. I need to make you mine… That’s the #Napoleonic Code right there. J/K. We’d like to think that Napoleon, for all his aristocratic flair and pedigree, was a fan of 80’s classics.
  4. Mark my words – I may not look like much, but someday I’m gonna rule the world AND they’ll name a complex after me! It’s that Italian blood, no doubt, but this kid was full of spit and vinegar right from the get-go.
  5. Pope, Schmope. I’m the Mack Daddy in this town. @Pius VII will just have to deal. What’s up with my man @Beethoven? Where’s the love? Napoleon crowns himself emperor, at the expense of Pope Pius VII, and much to the consternation of his (ex)-fan, Ludwig van Beethoven.
  6. @Alvinczi thought he had me at Caldiero – NOT. Take a look at the map now, sucka. Who’s ur daddy? Initially, Napoleon lost the initiative vs. the Austrian Field Marshal. However, things quickly turned Napoleon’s way at the Battle of the Bridge of Arcole.
  7. OK, I’ve had it with the short jokes. I’m up to my ears with the Russians. Enough of this Bolshevik. Time to get the posse together.  Yes, we know the Bolsheviks didn’t exist until 1903, but really, if you’re going to buy Napoleon on Twitter?
  8. Gotta give the #Russians props. We beat em fair & square, they took all we had & then burned that sucka down. Some bad muthas in Moscow. Napoleon defeated the Russian army, though it had not been as decisive as he’d hoped. The Russians, rather than surrender it, burned Moscow to the ground.
  9. I’m huge on #Elba. Emperor of all I survey. But I’m going stir crazy. If I ever get off this rock, people are gonna pay for this. After he was exiled to the island of Elba, he retained his position as emperor and ruled there, even creating a military force. He attempted suicide there before managing to escape.
  10. #Saint Helena. Meh. You could hang meat in here. Cold, damp, miserable. It’ll be the death of me. That slumlord @Lowe should be hung. The conditions at his exile home in Saint Helena did indeed contribute to Napoleon’s already failing health. Making matters worse was the poor treatment he’d received from the governor of Saint Helena, Sir Hudson Lowe.
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10 Hilarious Comedians to Follow on Twitter

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If you love comedy then you probably have some favorite funny men and women you routinely turn to for getting your laugh on. We have some faves of our own, and love to follow them on Twitter. These characters can be just as entertaining in their tweets as they are live or on film, plus we can keep up with what they’re up to. Here are 10 hilarious comedians to follow on Twitter: 

  1. Jimmy Fallon – @jimmyfallon  One of our favorite late night funnymen, he never disappoints with his tweets. Always timely, topical and funny. “A study found 94% of one-dollar bills carry germs. Or as Mitt Romney put it, ‘That’s why I only use fifties and hundies!’” #FallonMono
  2. Megan Amram – @meganamram Offbeat, off-the-cuff, and off the reservation funny. Don’t start your day without taking a peek at how this girl’s spending hers. “I wish the “three day rule” weren’t a thing, since I’d really like to call my lawyer from jail right now”, “I think one of my dad’s might be gay.”
  3. Conan O’Brien – @conanobrien  Another of our late night favorites, Conan keeps the jokes, the monologue material and the info coming every day. “Had to see a men’s doctor today. Why? Let’s just say, ‘Newt is no longer surging in the polls.’”
  4. Lauren Ashley Bishop – @sbellelauren  We get such a kick out of her rants and musings. She’s one of our daily ‘must-see tweeters’ with quips such as, “how about dance dance american revolution same game but if you miss a step you get shot with a musket.”
  5. Jen Kirkman – @JenKirkman Girl doesn’t pull any punches. When she’s on, she is really and truly dead on. “I’m glad Chris Brown is performing on the Grammy’s. There aren’t enough dudes, who get a free pass after beating a woman, entertaining us.”
  6. Michael Ian Black – @michaelianblack Former co-star of the sitcom Michael and Michael Have Issues, and a very funny tweeter, Michael always keeps us smiling. “Ha ha guy with neck brace, your turtleneck sweater isn’t hiding anything. You deserve your injuries.”
  7. Stephen Colbert – @StephenAtHome Our man of The Colbert Report fame waxes witty on a daily basis. “Newt’s only hope for your vote is if you’ve been in a coma for 20 years. And if you have, he probably divorced you. Newt 2012! #preparethem
  8. Julieanne Smolinski – @BoobsRadley We’ve got a thing for smart humor, and so we’ve got a thing for @BoobsRadley. “I bet at Christmas when her mom was like, ‘So, ‘Tarzan’, was it? What is it you do exactly?’ Jane totally squeezed his hand under the table.”
  9. Joel McHale – @joelmcHale  Host of the E! Entertainment Television show The Soup. We love staying on top of where his mind is at. “It brings me inexplicable sadness when I hear older news anchors enthusiastically declare about a kicker story ‘This has really gone viral!’”
  10. George Wallace – @MrGeorgeWallace One of the funniest old school funny men still tickling our funny bones. You don’t want to miss the man! “How in the hell are there 23,000 First Baptist Churches? Let’s break out the construction records and settle this damned thing.”
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