Fido and Facebook: Your Pets May Be More Popular than You

The US is full of pets—about 165 million cats and dogs, to be exact—and many people regard them as more than just pets, but as members of the family. For some non-pet owners, calling Fluffy or Fido a member of the family may seem a little strange, but for those with a close bond to their furriest friends, nothing could be more natural than making sure that their pets have all the creature comforts life can offer. A growing trend in those “creature comforts,” however, may seem slightly stranger than others: More and more pet owners are putting their dog, cat, or other interesting animal into the public eye via social media. In fact, an estimated one in ten dogs have some sort of social media profile, and that number is just growing. People’s pets are now tweeting, blogging, and Facebooking as adeptly as their human counterparts. But the most interesting part of this phenomenon? Some pets become more popular than the humans that blog on their behalf. There are a few big names in the world of online animals that you’re probably familiar with: From Boo to Maru to Grumpy cat, some pets quickly amass an almost cult-like following. So before you jump to get your new kitten a Facebook profile, beware: That little ball of fur might soon have more friends than you.

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Fido Infographic

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