10 Ways Twitter Would Have Changed the Brady Bunch

Social networking is a recent phenomenon that has changed the way millions of people correspond. Tweets have replaced emails, phone calls, and of course the long-deceased hand-written letters of old. So how would some of your old TV shows have changed? Here’s a look at 10 ways that Twitter would have changed The Brady Bunch:

  1. It’s doubtful that Marcia could have limited herself to 140 characters, but she would probably be even more popular than ever. In which case …
  2. Jan Brady would probably be tweeting herself into a frenzy, in a vain attempt to win followers and compete with Marcia.
  3. We suspect the Brady household wouldn’t be quite the spic and span showcase we remember, if Alice had Twitter to tweet on all day long.
  4. We’d like to believe that a social networking site as far-reaching as Twitter could still preserve the Bradys’ wholesome image, but we suspect that there would be some real RT traffic about just how this clan got together in the first place. Seriously, 6 kids by how many different parents?
  5. In the episode where Bobby sells hair tonic, Twitter quite possibly could have transformed him into a mini-me version of Vidal Sassoon.
  6. Remember the episode where an FBI agent stops by to investigate Mike Brady’s security clearance, and Bobby thinks his dad is working on some clandestine operation? Can you say ‘Wikileaks’, Brady style?
  7. When Bobby and Peter meet a real-life astronaut, then start a hoax about spotting a UFO, we think Twitter could have helped them start a nationwide alien abduction hysteria.
  8. In Peter and the Wolf, Greg has to talk Peter into wearing a mustache to date Greg’s date’s cousin Linda. None of that would have been necessary if Greg could simply tweeted a link to Linda’s profile and her phone number.
  9. In Mail Order Hero, Cindy tries to cover for Bobby’s lies about being friends with Joe Namath by planting a story about Bobby being gravely ill, with a last wish of meeting a football hero. Heck, they could have tweeted directly to Namath, with an offer to provide an open bar.
  10. When Mike and Carol leave the homestead in the care of Greg and Marcia so they can have a night out, Twitter could have helped them keep tabs on the kids without having to call home and  make the kids feel untrusted. Then again, they may have learned more than they wanted to in the process.

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