10 Ways to Keep Your Spouse from Seeing Your Internet History

Your internet browsing history offers a nice peak into your private life. Where you spend your time, what you’ve searched for, what websites you visit most frequently – they’re all very telltale signs to who you really are. Because of this, you may not want your spouse to see where you’ve been while surfing the net. We’ll not address the reasons as to why, but if you are looking to keep your internet history a private affair there are ways to do so, and we’ve compiled some of them below. 

  1. Internet Explorer – To hide your internet history when you use Explorer follow these steps: a) Go to the top of the screen and open the “Tools” menu. b) Click on “Internet options.” c) Go to “Delete browsing history.” d) Click on the “History” and “Form data” boxes when the pop up menu comes up. e) Click on delete.
  2. Firefox – If you use a Firefox browser and are interested in deleting your browsing history, then you will start by first opening the “Tools” menu. Next, select the “Internet options” and click on that. Then, click on the “Privacy” label. Finally, click on the “Clear History” tab.
  3. Google Chrome – If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, follow these steps to remove your browsing history: select the “Tools” menu, then click on the “Options” tab. Another menu will appear, and you will select the “Under the hood” label. Next, click on the tag that says “Clear browsing data.” Then, click on the boxes labeled “Clear browsing history,” then, “Everything.” Last, select “Clear browsing data.”
  4. Clearing unwanted information from Firefox – Sometimes you may have been redirected to an inappropriate site and you only want to clear that from your browser. If this is the case and you use Firefox then you can delete that by selecting the “Tools” option on the tool bar. Next, select “Clear Recent History.” After that, you need to choose from the options at which point you want to clear the history. You can choose between “Last Hour,” “Last Two Hours,” “Last Four Hours” or you can select “Everything.” When you exit Firefox and re-open the browser the adjustments will be complete.
  5. Private Browsing Features– Most current browser versions have a private browsing setting that allows you to browse without storing the history. Chrome’s private browsing feature is called ‘Incognito’ and can be found under Tools, while Safari and Firefox simply call theirs ‘Private Browsing.” Explorer’s feature is found under the Safety menu and is called ‘InPrivate Mode.’
  6. Go to the Library – Public Libraries have computers that can be used by the public. If you don’t want your spouse to see your internet history, you can take a trip to the local library and use one of their computers.
  7. Use the computers at a workforce center – If you are doing work related searches, and for some reason, you don’t want your spouse to be aware of them, you can check on using the computers at a workforce center. Computers at such places are used by people looking for work. There may be some restrictions regarding which sites you can browse, however.
  8. Turning off signed in search personalization with Google browsers – If you wish to disable history based searches, you will need to delete all past web history from your Google account. This can be accomplished by going to google.com/history while you are signed into your Google account. Once you get there, select “Remove all web history.” This will erase all items in your web history and prevent any future web history from being recorded.
  9. Clear cookies and cache from your browser – If you just want to clear your browser of the cache and the current cookies (the tiny files that remember your personal settings) then you should go to the Google Accounts Help Center if you are using a Google browser.
  10. Clear your Toolbar search history – If you need to clear the history from your toolbar and you are using Google for your browser just go to the Google Toolbar Help Center. There you will find the directions to clearing Toolbar search history.

Each browser has their own unique way of ensuring that you can swipe clean the history with the click of a few buttons. Whether it’s to make sure a surprise remains a surprise or you just don’t want questions about your internet habits, you can find ways to circumvent curious eyes. 

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