10 Tweets That Summarize the Book Angels and Demons

The prequel that introduces Robert Langdon, the protagonist of Dan Brown’s runaway bestseller The Da Vinci Code, entitled Angels and Demons, shares the same themes of religion and conspiracy as its popular successor. The novels have spawned hit films starring Tom Hanks and spurred much debate among readers about the true nature of secret societies. And if we had to sum up the book Angels and Demons on Twitter, we imagine it’d go a little like this: 

  1. “@MaximilianKohler has invited me to #Switzerland to consult on @LeonardoVetra’s murder.” – When Maximilian Kohler, director of Switzerland’s CERN discovers the corpse of leading physicist Leonardo Vetra, he decides to contact symbologist and Illuminati expert Robert Langdon due to the “Illuminati” ambigram on Vetra’s chest.
  2. “The #ambigram on @LeonardoVetra’s chest is authentic. His latest discovery has also been stolen.” – They quickly determine that the once-dead Illuminati society has reformed and is potentially responsible for the theft of the antimatter that Leonardo Vetra was studying. Because the antimatter is highly destructive, the race to recover it and solve the murder begins.
  3. “The battery stabilizing the #antimatter has 24 hours of power, and is counting down within Vatican City.” – The canister containing antimatter is dependent upon the electrical charger for stability, but also has a back-up battery with a life of 24 hours. The canister, hidden somewhere in Vatican City, is positioned in front of a security camera whose digital clock is counting down to the explosion, which would have the same effect as a small nuclear bomb.
  4. “@Vittoria and I have come to Vatican City; the #Preferiti are missing.” – Due to the recent death of the Pope, the Vatican City is in a state of flux. The Preferiti, who are four cardinals that have the strongest chances of becoming the new Pope, are all missing. Langdon, with the help of Vetra’s adopted daughter Vittoria, begin to search for the Preferiti in hopes that their discovery will lead to the recovery of the antimatter.
  5. “I will be following the #PathOfIllumination. Hopefully, this will lead to the Preferiti and the antimatter.” – The historic “Path of Illumination,” once a rite of passage for Illuminati hopefuls, travels through Rome and its surrounding areas with clues hidden in various landmarks. The path eventually leads to the Illuminati’s meeting place; Langdon hopes that it will also lead to the Preferiti.
  6. “Along the #PathOfIllumination, I’ve discovered the bodies of each four cardinals. #RitualisticMurder” – Following the Path of Illumination, Robert Langdon discovers that at four points associated with the elements, there is a murdered cardinal. “Earth” has soil in his throat, “Air” has punctured lungs, “Fire” was burned alive and “Water” drowned in a fountain. Each body is branded with their respective element’s ambigram.
  7. “@Vittoria has been kidnapped!” – Working under the orders of a mysterious master called “Janus,” an unnamed assassin kidnaps Vittoria upon being discovered in the process of killing the third cardinal. Langdon escapes, and arrives at the fourth landmark too late to save the last cardinal.
  8. “@Vittoria has been found, along with a tunnel that leads into the #Pope’s chambers from Vaste Sant’Angelo.” – Racing to complete the Path and rescue Vittoria, Langdon discovers a tunnel beneath Castel Sant’Angelo that leads into the Pope’s chambers within the Vatican. Vittoria is freed, and the duo rush back to St. Peter’s Basilica.
  9. “The #SwissGuard shot @MaximilianKohler. Before he died, he gave me a #videotape.” – Upon their arrival at St. Peter’s Basilica, Langdon and Vittoria discover that Maximilian Kohler has decided to confront Camerlengo Carlo Ventresca privately. As the camerlengo howls in agony after being branded with the Illuminati Diamond, the Swiss Guards enter the room and shoot Kohler. With the last of his energy, Kohler gives Robert Langdon a videotape and promises that it contains an explanation. As the clock ticks, the Swiss Guard evacuates St. Peter’s. The camerlengo states that he’s had a vision of the canister, and leads Langdon through the catacombs where the antimatter is placed on Saint Peter’s tomb. Boarding a helicopter with the antimatter, the camerlengo parachutes safely into St. Peter’s square and Langdon uses a makeshift parachute fashioned from a window cover to land in the Tiber River. In the sky, the canister explodes while on the ground, the papal conclave discusses the camerlengo as a papal candidate in light of the “miracle.”
  10. “The #videotape contains damning evidence against @CamerlengoCarlo.” – The videotape given to Langdon by a dying Maximilian Kohler contains footage of the Pope’s meeting with Leondardo Vetra before their deaths. In the tape, the Pope reveals that he has a son through the wonders of science. An outraged Camerlengo Ventresca, believing that the Pope has broken his vow of chastity, decides to mete out justice by poisoning the pope. Acting as “Janus,” he also recruits and assassin to kill Leonardo Vetra, procure the antimatter and murder the four cardinals. Using the Illuminati scheme as a cover for his actions, Ventresca also plants the antimatter in order to paint himself as a hero after “discovering” it. When he learns that he is the biological son of the Pope, conceived via artificial insemination rather than as the result of a papal indiscretion, Ventresca sets himself on fire in St. Peter’s Square as an act of attrition. 

Three years after the book Angels and Demons was released, the publishing phenomenon The Da Vinci Code hit the shelves and took the world by storm. Dan Brown’s novels have since sold millions of copies and acted as source material for major motion pictures.

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