10 Things Tom Sawyer Would Have Tweeted

Mark Twain’s character Tom Sawyer was set in the pre-civil war era when technology was virtually non-existent. People lived without electricity, running water, automobiles or telephones. Instead of watching television or playing video games, children needed to find ways to amuse themselves. Tom and his buddy Huck Finn were adventuresome young rascals and got themselves into some sketchy situations. If only he had access to Twitter, perhaps these are 10 things Tom Sawyer would have tweeted.

  1. Whitewashing the fence – Can’t believe how easy it is to trick fools into doing my work. Should’ve thunk it up earlier! Best day off ever. LOL J
  2. Bible verses – Busted! Guess I should have read some of the verses I got fer trades. Who knew David and Goliath weren’t disciples? L Cool Bible tho.
  3. Becky Thatcher – I ? Becky Thatcher. Got engaged with a big smooch but she found out about Amy. Gotta git her back somehow.
  4. Graveyard – OMG Huck-n-me jest saw sumthin awful in the graveyard. Swore blood oath not to tell.
  5. Huck Finn – Huck’s my BFE. Joe H is ok but not so much fun. We’s gonna play pirates on the island fer a spell. Shd b lotsa fun. BFN
  6. Funeral – Every1 thinks Joe, Huck n me are dead. Can’t w8 til they see us at the funeral! Shor will be fun 2 see their faces! LOL
  7. Injun Joe – That Injun Joe shor is a mean un. #IJ 2 follow. Wouldn’t want to meet up w/him in a dark alley or graveyard. Oops! Said 2 much!
  8. Trial – Couldn’t let Muff take the fall in the trial. Hadda let ’em know who really dun it. OMG #IJ jes got away!
  9. Buried treasure – BFF Huck-n-me were lookin’ fer buried treasure in the haunted house n got big surprise. #IJ shows up w/some bum. BFN
  10. McDougal’s Cave – Lost in the cave w/my sweet? Becky. RT if you git this msg and send help! Can’t make it much longer! SOS

Tom Sawyer sure would have been some adventuritter! The trouble is there don’t seem to be any kids having real adventures like Huck Finn and Tom anymore. They’re too busy getting their make-believe thrills from video games and movies. Kids don’t spend much time outside experiencing reality and heaven forbid that their parents would let them spend that much time unsupervised even if they wanted to. Oh well. Maybe they need to come up with Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn video games.

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