10 Sites That Allow You to Cartoon Yourself

A popular form of creating a profile avatar is cartooning yourself, or more accurately cartooning a photo of yourself. There are a number of programs and websites available that will convert an image that you upload into a cartoon-like figure so that you can make your own personalized avatar. So whether you want to revamp your look, spice up your profile, or use an alternative image for the sake of privacy online, here’s a list of ten sites where you can cartoon yourself:

  1. Cartoonize.netTurn yourself into a cartoon character in just 3 easy steps. All you need to do is upload the photo you’d like to convert, select the type of animation effect you prefer, click “Cartoonize Now”, and then see the results.
  2. AnyMaking.com – Choose from a wide variety of effects to use on the photo of your choice, and convert the image quickly and easily. One especially cool one? The engrave effect. It made us look like we were printed on legal tender!
  3. Face Your MangaCreate a mangatar by choosing each individual feature for your avatar, like face shape, ears, nose, mouth, etc. Or if you’re not feeling that creative, you can select the random feature to allow the program to do the work for you. 
  4. Yahoo AvatarsSelect the gender, facial expression and apparel for your avatar. You can export the avatar to Facebook and twitter as well as use it for your Yahoo profile. The options are somewhat limited, but nicely rendered.
  5. Portrait Illustration MakerUse the randomizer to generate random images if you don’t want to make the decisions. Or use the array of options at the top of the page that allow you to select a detailed image that is entirely your own. You can get pretty accurate renditions with some experimentation.
  6. WaniBUpload a facial photo and select cartoon features to add to your image. It works best with high-resolution full frontal face pictures. Be a hit man, martial artist, basketball idol, vamp, superhero, and more.
  7. Cartoon Pho.toThere are all sorts of effects and goodies scattered around this site. Choose from effects such as touch-up, filtering and more – along with the cartooning feature. Check out the photo montage, ‘zine covers and collages for some real fun.
  8. Osoq.com – Cartoon caricatures with animation; make your own forever stamp or an e-card for any occasion. Although the site touts itself as 100% free, there is a purchase option that gives you the option of updating your avatar.
  9. The Simpsons MovieThe official website for the Simpsons movie has a feature where you can create your own avatar in the same animation style as the Simpsons characters. The site’s been around for so long that it includes an option to add your avatar to your MySpace page, but lacks a Facebook connection.
  10. WoozWorldJoin a virtual world, a la Sim City, where you create your own avatar and play online with millions of other users. You can dress up your avatar as well as your virtual space, create your own little world, and make friends with WoozWorld.

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