Compare and Contrast: Congress to FaceBook

This may seem to be a bit of a stretch to be making a comparison between the governing body of the United States and a portion of the social media, but there really is more to it than one might suspect at first glance. Let’s look at some of the ways they are similar and then some of the ways they are different.


Facebook is always changing how things operate. This is just like Congress and the tax code. What was deductible last year, may not be this year. It’s hard to keep up with the changes.

  • Facebook and Congress both have much more access to your private information than you are likely to be comfortable with.
  • There are special interest groups vying for your attention and support along the margins of facebook, just like the lobbyists that are continually trying to gain the support of congressmen.
  • Facebook continually insists that its purpose is to simply give its users what they want, just as Congress says that they are attempting to legislate the will of the people.
  • Opinion polls don’t really matter in Congress, any more than they do on facebook. They’re going to do what they want anyway.
  • Verbally fighting between the right and the left goes on in both places on a regular basis.
  • Voting’ takes place in both, although, with facebook, it is in the form of clicking ‘like’.
  • Opinions are flaunted daily in both places, as well as expressions of outrage.
  • The members of facebook could all vote for a change and have it vetoed by the leadership of facebook, just as Congress can pass legislation and have it vetoed by the President.


  • We do elect the leaders in Congress, but facebook…no one really knows who is running this virtual world.
  • Congress takes breaks and vacations, but facebook is always there.
  • Congress is funded by our tax dollars and facebook is funded by advertising dollars.
  • You’re actually more likely to get a response from a complaint written to your congressman than to a complaint written to Facebook.
  • People have been frustrated with Congress much longer than facebook, and they’ll get over their frustrations with facebook much sooner than their frustrations with Congress.
  • Congress can send our soldiers to fight in other countries, while facebook lets you choose your own battles.
  • More citizens are actively involved with facebook than they are with Congress.
  • Congress revolves around the give and take among members, which hasn’t been working very well, as of late. On facebook, you can each do your own thing without having to try and win over others to your point of view.

There are just about as many similarities as there are differences between these two well-known entities. They both affect our daily lives much more than we would like to admit.

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