10 Ways to Use the Internet to Be Even Lazier

The ease of access and comprehensive service features available on the internet create a resource that enables you to be more productive and efficient in less time; and the more time you save accomplishing your obligations, the more time you have to play. However, such dependency on the functions and services of the internet can surely make you less physically active and, yes, even lazy.

  1. Sending Greeting Cards – Corresponding with those who would like to hear from you was never more convenient. You may choose to send real time correspondences to Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers and keep them up-to-date on your ever-so-active life. You may never have to be late sending a Birthday, Wedding, or similar Greeting Card ever again as there are virtual secretaries on line to do it for you.
  2. Online Banking -Why go through the extreme hassle of endorsing your paycheck or cramping your fingers while painstakingly drafting checks for your bills? Simply have your employer wire your paycheck funds directly to your account and have the bank then transfer the necessary funds to those whom you need to pay (bills). No more trips to the mailbox for you–that’s forty less steps you’ll have to traverse today.
  3. Online purchasing/ordering -The complexion of the trade market has rapidly changed with the advent of the internet. No longer will you have to drive to the malls to find that perfect gift or buy a new pair of jeans. Virtually all of your shopping needs can be handled on the internet.
  4. Online ‘shopping’/product research -When confronted with major purchases, you used to have to drive from one vendor to another to find the best product for the best price. With the internet, you can do all your own product research, find the best deal and even negotiate a better deal—never mind actually being able to purchase the product and have it delivered right to your door.
  5. Job Searches -‘Beating the pavement’ is a saying of the past when looking for a new employment opportunity. Most employers nowadays have opened their Human Resource Departments to the public by announcing job vacancies as well as receiving resumes and even interviews on-line.
  6. Entertainment -Why bother going out for the evening when you can simply download your favorite movie on-line and watch it at your leisure? The one drawback in doing this is that you’ll still have to get up and pop your own popcorn; but, you need the exercise at this point.
  7. Online Reference Guides – Gone are the days of reaching over to your bookcase to retrieve that thesaurus that you haven’t touched since college days so you can show mastery in the language while writing a note to your former roommate. The information on the internet is far more up-to-date, and available to you in seconds; and you, of course, may stay seated.
  8. Dating Services -Save yourself the time and embarrassment of getting refused for a date at the local pub when you can, just as easily, get the same refusal on the internet…or get lucky! Unlike the local bar, the internet has hundreds of prospects just waiting for your invitation.
  9. Online degrees -Get a higher education or advance your degree from notable coursework from reputable universities on-line. Why drive to a campus and sit through a lecture in an uncomfortable chair? With on-line curriculum, you can sit in an easy chair with a beer in your hand while attending your Psychology class. How perfect is that?
  10. Virtual vacations – Granted this won’t be a ‘Total Recall’ type of vacation, but spending an hour, or two, on a ‘virtual island’ may be the perfect vacation for someone as busy, frugal and, well, lazy as you have come to be. No need to paste the SPF-50 on your nose either, just enjoy the sun and the scenery as it projects directly to you via your computer screen.

…and if you’re worried about how soft, out-of-shape, or sedentary that you’ve become, there’s plenty of free ‘work-out’ videos on the internet that you can download to rid yourself of guilt by working-up a bit of sweat. Then again, you may just choose to download videos of those sorry saps working-out and keep to the lifestyle this internet affords you. Be well!

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