10 Ways to Get Temporary Internet Service Without a Contract

There can be several situations where you may need internet service for a short amount of time, a few hours, days or weeks. You could purchase a mobile access card for your computer, but many of these require a commitment to a 1 year or 2 year contract. There are other options available however, which are more fitting for a temporary situation.

  1. Tethered cellphone Creating a connection between your cell phone and your laptop can be one way to access the internet temporarily. Through a bluetooth connection, you can use your cell phone’s data access to surf the web on your laptop. It may be a somewhat slow and cumbersome means of doing so, but it does work.
  2. Wifi hotspots This is one of the easiest, and certainly the cheapest, ways of accessing the internet when away from home. Most hotels, coffee shops and many restaurants have free wifi access available. All you need is a laptop to carry with you.
  3. dpiTeleconnect Pay as you go services for landline, cell phone and internet are available through this company. A great option when you know that your stay in a place is only temporary. The only requirement to get the internet service is that you also pay for home phone service too. No deposits. No contracts. Start and stop at any point.
  4. Rover This is a 4G pay as you go service. Use their portable hotspot to connect up to eight devices, or use their plugin Puck to pickup the signal for your laptop as you’re driving down the road. You can buy a day at a time, week at a time or month at a time.
  5. VirginMobile Broadband2Go is the term Virgin Mobile is using for their pay-as-you-go internet service. You can buy 10 days of 3G service for as little as $10.00 for their limited package that would allow you about five hours of web surfing a day. For hardware, you have the options of a plug-n-play usb device or their Mifi portable hotspot that can work with up to 5 devices at once.
  6. LocalNet This internet service does bill by the month, but has very low monthly charges for both dialup and DSL internet hookup. There is no contract and the access is unlimited.
  7. BudgetDialup Prepaid dialup internet access is available through this company. They have several different types of plans that allow you to buy time on the internet without a contract or monthly billing. It works very similar to prepaid cellphone minutes.
  8. MyTravelAccess Designed for use when traveling, this prepaid internet service charges by the minute, with different rate plans for the North America versus their global plans. All their dialup plans include free web accelerators.
  9. ClearWirelessInternet This internet service is not a prepaid or pay-as-you-go service, but does not require a long term contract for its mobile service. It provides both a 4G plan and a mixed 3G/4G which can switch between the two as needed when traveling.
  10. GoSim Their prepaid air card as access points in over 80 countries around the world, many of them with 3G speeds. Just one more option for temporary internet access when you’re not at home.

Between wifi hotspots and pay-as-you-go internet options. There are plenty of ways to get online for short periods, when you need to.

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