10 Ways to Find a Friend from High School Online

The internet has become a great way for old friends to reconnect and get re-acquainted. Even if your old friends from high school live in a different part of the country, or the world, you can often locate them via an internet search in one of these places.

  1. Classmates.com – This site as worked hard at becoming the most well-known site for connecting with former classmates. You can enter your information and find out who else from your class has registered on the site. To get more detailed contact information, you’ll need a paid membership.
  2. Facebook – The social networking sites have recognized the value of classmate search features. It is one the questions that you will be asked when setting up your facebook profile. Facebook will even let you know about new members that find that match the high school you have listed on your profile.
  3. MySpace – Not to be left behind, MySpace also will work on your behalf to help you find those classmates from years past and get you connected. Whether or not they’ll respond to your friend request is totally up to them, of course.
  4. MyLife.com – This people finder website has taken over the former Reunion.com site. Their registered users are growing as they actively campaign to draw people onto their page by appealing to their curiosity. “Find out who’s been looking for you” has been their main hook line.
  5. FreeAlumniFinders.com – This site is really just another website name for PeopleSmart.com, a general people finder website. It allows you to search for people by first and last name, including maiden names. It will come up with a list of possible individuals and their locations, and sometimes ages and spouses. To get further information you must join the site, at least on a trial basis.
  6. Google – Just a regular Google search can get you plenty of leads, but searching through Google profiles may get you even closer. Lots of people have setup Google profiles to go with their gmail accounts and other Google apps.
  7. NetDetective.com – You need a paid subscription to get at all the details available on this site, but it can be worth the price if you are really desperate to find someone. You will be able to search by a variety of information pieces and also find out a lot more than just their current location.
  8. Alumnionline.org – This classmate finder site brags about the fact that is a free service and will allow you to contact others without charging you a fee. It is also an international site and includes tools for searching for former military colleagues as well.
  9. SearchOldClassmates.com – After giving out your birthdate, name, zip code and email address you can enter this site and search for classmates or do a reverse search and see who has been looking for you. Of course that makes your information available for others to find as well.
  10. AlumniHighway.com – This site is dedicated to helping classmates plan reunions and get in contact with their former schoolmates. You can create your own reunion website and also find interesting facts about your graduation year.

Even if you’re not interested in finding those old friends, you may find them looking you up and initiating contact. Do a search on your own name on these sites and see what you come up with.

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