10 Ways FaceBook Takes You Back to High School

I was scrolling through my FaceBook news feed the other day, when it occurred to me that I had been thinking of high school while perusing the postings there. It was strange to realize that much of what I see on FaceBook takes me right back to those old hallways and auditoriums. Here are 10 ways that I find FaceBook taking me back to high school days.

  1. Old Friends. Their faces have aged, and they talk about jobs, children, and grandchildren now instead of boyfriends and girlfriends, but the old gang of friends are still hanging out, sharing good and bad times together.
  2. Old Flames. After decades of occasionally wondering what happened to old flames from high school, they show up in your email inbox on FaceBook friend-requests. For just a few moments the memories of joy and pain become reality again.
  3. Class Clown. Look! Thereís the class clown posting on a friendís wall; still irreverent, annoying, and funny as heck. After reading a few one-liners and chuckling quietly, paranoia strikes for a brief moment. You remember tacks left on library chairs and stink bombs in lockers, and take a moment to make sure your anti-virus protection is current before sending a friend request.
  4. Music Links. Every now and then, a music-nostalgia storm roars through the halls of FaceBook. It starts with one person posting a YouTube link to an old song, and pretty soon old favorites are popping up all over the place. There are times when I keep expecting to hear Casey Kasemís voice between songs, reminding me that Americanís Top Forty is on the air.
  5. Teachers. Yep, just when you thought youíd put them out of your mind for good, a few of the old teachers show up and the place gets quiet. Except that they arenít there to scold or teach anymore. No, they want us to call them by their first names and speak as equals, giving nostalgia a bit of a Twilight Zone twist.
  6. Bulletin Boards/Wall Messages. Every time someone leaves a message or a link on my wall, I think of the school office bulletin board where students and teachers alike would leave notices of upcoming events and lost or found items.
  7. Cliques. Yep, they still exist, after all these years. Memberships have shifted a bit, but you can still see cliques among the old student body in FaceBook activities. Some of the old In Crowd may have fallen out or drifted away, but there is still a group that elevates irrelevance to a faÁade of importance and exclusivity. Itís good to know that some things never really change.
  8. Rumors/Hysteria. When I read some of the political and other fear-mongering postings on FaceBook walls, Iím reminded that there still a lack of common sense among a portion of my old classmates. The things that people are willing to believe are true because they are scary and passed around among a clique can be downright laughable.
  9. Notes Passed/FB Mail. In the middle of an intense discussion on a FaceBook wall, I received a FaceBook email note from one of the participants, pointing out the fallacies of someone elseís argument. I couldnít help thinking of notes quietly passed around during lunch discussions and study hall.
  10. Anxiety Attacks. Sometimes Iíll post something on my FaceBook wall and experience anxious moments while waiting for someone to take note of it. Do I want to be noticed, or would I rather escape scrutiny? Will the people I want to impress be impressed? Will the class clown show up and make me feel foolish? Sheesh! I thought I was over all this stuff!

Iím going to wrap this up and get ready for claÖer, work, now. First, though, Iíll take one more swing through my FaceBook news feed for another quick dose of nostalgia.


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