10 Tips for Chatting with a Celebrity on Twitter

Are celebrities really using Twitter? Of course, they are! Twitter is one of the hottest mediums around. They’d be foolish not to. So, go ahead. Do a search and see if you can find some of your favorite celeb’s on Twitter and click the follow button. Here’s some tips to keep in mind, when tweeting with a celebrity.

  1. Verify the identity Just because a Twitter account has the photo of a celebrity and/or an appropriate name attached, doesn’t necessarily mean that the account is owned and used by the celebrity. Celebrity photos are easy to come by, and it may be just a gimmick to get followers. Twitter has suspended impostor accounts as they became known and is now implementing a verification strategy to prevent false identities of high profile individuals for the future.
  2. Tweetaceleb.com This website is taking advantage of Twitter’s verification process and making it easy for you to find your favorite celebrities on Twitter at the same time. You can keep track of multiple celeb tweets on this website. Just login with your Twitter account.
  3. I’m your biggest fan! Once you do find those celebrities, please do not send this as your first tweet. Number one, you probably aren’t their BIGGEST fan, and number two, they hear that all the time. Come up with something more original, if you really want to get noticed.
  4. Retweet If you want to get noticed by your celeb AND their fans, retweet their tweets. Other fans are likely to follow you as a result, and the celebrity will appreciate the extra PR.
  5. Don’t ask Don’t ask ANYTHING. Don’t ask for personal information or what’s the next step for their career. They don’t know anything about you. You could be a reporter from a tabloid as far as they know. They’re not going to give you any inside scoops.
  6. Be realistic It’s time you came to realize that it probably isn’t the celebrity actually posting those tweets anyway. It is probably their press agent. They have better things to do than tweet with their fan base.
  7. Be relevant If you send them a message, make sure that it is something relevant to their career. Tell them your favorite song off their last album or what you liked about their last movie part.
  8. Don’t obsess Don’t over do it on the tweeting with a celebrity. Remember that they have to deal with real live stalkers, and you don’t want to come across like you are a stalker yourself.
  9. Keep your cool. Don’t go raving to all your friends if you should happen to get a response. This electronic communication, as stated in #6, it is probably a secretary replying. It’s not quite the same as actually ‘touching’ them or something.
  10. Don’t expect a follow. Remember, they are on Twitter to be followed by their fans, not the other way around. Don’t be hurt if you follow them and they don’t return the favor.

It is pretty amazing how Twitter has enabled people from all different stations in life to connect on an even plane of 140 characters per tweet. Go ahead. Seek that favorite movie star out. Who knows, it might really be them punching out those tweets afterall.

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