10 Things YouTube Could Do To Be More Family Friendly

Sometimes it can be difficult for a site like YouTube to be a family friendly site and still be known as a place for free speech. What is family friendly? To most people, a family friendly website is one that their younger children can visit without coming across any inappropriate content such as profanity, sexually explicit language or graphics. We all know that YouTube is never going to be a completely family friendly website. That was never the purpose of the site. However, there are some things that can be done to make it a little friendlier for children.

1. Enforcing the Minimum Age Requirement

While the age minimum to start an account on YouTube is 13, it is not very difficult for a ten year old to open an account just by choosing the right year from the drop down menu. Keeping this from happening and finding a way to enforce the minimum age requirement may prove to be difficult for YouTube. In order for them to do this they may have to impose more monitoring and security features upon their regular members.

2. Monitoring Comments More Closely

One unfortunate thing about YouTube and sites like it is that a good video can turn into a video that a child shouldn’t watch because of people who write unnecessarily vulgar comments. While there is a spot that lets you flag inappropriate content, YouTube is hopefully working on a way to monitor comments a little more closely.

3. The Safe Mode

YouTube could occasionally post reminders that there is a safe mode that parents can turn on. This gives parents the opportunity to block videos that they would prefer their children not to see. Some parents may not be aware that there is a way for them to do this.

4. Canceling Memberships

There should be much less tolerance for members who post inappropriate content on YouTube. Canceling memberships of those who post inappropriate content is a good way for YouTube to combat this problem. This is not a guaranteed solution, but it would help. Unfortunately, no matter what the warning is, some people will abuse the right to use this free service.

5. Blocking Inappropriate Content

Blocking inappropriate content may prove to be difficult but is probably not impossible. There is no doubt that YouTube already has some technology in place for this. However, they may be able to create something that would be more effective in combating this problem.

6. Make the Home Page a Little More Kid Friendly

When you open up the home page on YouTube, you are most likely to see the line of most popular videos and ads for things that kids are not interested in. Not to take away from these things, but it would help if YouTube could find a way to occasionally include a section on the home page that is attractive to kids and that would direct them to more appropriate videos.

7. Sponsors of Children’s Products

Kids are still kids. Having more sponsors for children’s products will automatically attract children and maybe distract some children from videos that would be inappropriate for them to watch.

8. Incentives for Kids

Kids love contests and incentives for being creative. YouTube could perhaps have an occasional contest or give some other type of incentive to kids who post family friendly videos. This may occupy their time and make them a little less likely to spend time watching inappropriate content on YouTube.

9. Reminders about Parental Guidance

Parental guidance is something that should not be overlooked. Reminders can be posted on the website or emails regarding the importance of parental guidance could be sent. This suggestion may sound like YouTube should not take responsibility for its content. However, this suggestion is for a cooperative effort to help keep children from viewing inappropriate content on YouTube.

10. Give Reminders about the YouTube Community Guidelines

A link to the YouTube community guidelines can be found within the terms of agreement within the YouTube site. It may be helpful for YouTube to post a reminder on the home page for members to review these guidelines.

Some people may feel that encouraging family friendly content may turn YouTube into a kiddy site. This is not necessarily the case. YouTube has been around long enough and has made itself valuable enough, that people wont stop using it just because it attempts to be become a little more family friendly. In fact, it may even encourage some adults who prefer not to come across offensive videos, to visit the site more often. There may be more adults like this than we think.

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