10 Things Winston Churchill Would Have Tweeted

The great political leader and orator Winston Churchill, often called the “savior of his country” for leading Britain through the Second World War, has also been something of a controversial figure in history. If he’d had the power of social media at his fingertips, these might be some of the things he would have tweeted. 

  1. “I’ve been posted to India for service to the #Crown.” – A young Winston Churchill found himself in the role of soldier-journalist during 1896, where he began work on the novel that would be published four years later called Savrola: A Tale of the Revolution in Laurania while on the North-West Frontier with the Malakand Field Force.
  2. “After losing the last election, I’ve entered the House of Commmons as a #Conservative.” – Though he was defeated in his first attempt, Churchill was elected to the House of Commons. He would later have the dubious distinction of losing more elections than any political figure in recent British history.
  3. “As a result of strong disagreement regarding trade tariffs, I’ve decided to throw in my lot with the #Liberals.” – Due to a series of disagreements with Conservative policy regarding trade tariffs, Churchill changed parties in 1904. After joining the Liberals, his rise the higher ranks of political power was rapid.
  4. “My darling @ClementineHozier and I are engaged to be married.” – After a whirlwind courtship, Winston Churchill proposed marriage to the young Clementine Hozier. Together they had five children and their marriage was, by all accounts, a close and affectionate one.
  5. “After the great failure of the #DardanellesCampaign, I feel that I must resign from my post.” – Churchill’s involvement with the doomed Dardanelles Campaign and Battle of Gallipoli caused his forced demotion and later a voluntary resignation. Upon leaving his political post, he rejoined the Army until the summer of 1916, When he returned to Parliament.
  6. “I am greatly honored to announce that I have been named Prime Minister. I hope to serve #Britain well.” – Churchill’s ascent to Prime Minister and head of the Ministry of Defense during the early part of World War II was a period of great leadership and activity in both his career and British history. His indefatigable efforts helped to ensure Britain’s survival until the United States entered the war.
  7. “I am making the journey to #America to meet with @FDRoosevelt. #Allies” – From December of 1941 into January of 1942, Winston Churchill met with Franklin Roosevelt to discuss Allied defense strategies and to ensure that England continued to receive aid from the United States after the Pearl Harbor attack. As a result of these meetings, the Declaration of United Nations was created.
  8. “Embarking upon a journey with @HarryTruman to Missouri, where I shall speak at #WestminsterCollege.” – One of Winston Churchill’s most iconic post-war speeches came on the heels of his failure to be reelected as Prime Minister. In the small town of Fulton, Missouri, Churchill delivered his famous “Iron Curtain” speech, which is considered by many to be the beginning of the Cold War.
  9. “#GreatBritain has once again called me into her service as Prime Minister. I am honored.” – Churchill was named Prime Minister for his second and final term after the General Election of 1951. During this term, he suffered a series of small strokes. Failing health led him to resign in 1955.
  10. “I have been awarded a #NobelPrize in Literature, and am greatly moved by this honor.”-Winston Churchill was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature 1953 “for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values.”

There’s little doubt that a figure so known for public speaking would have embraced the ability to reach the entire world instantly; one can only imagine what his words would have been if he’d had today’s networking capabilities at his disposal.  

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