10 Things That Could Lead to the Demise of Twitter

The world is rich in Social Media Networks.† From 5 year old pre-kindergarten kids to great grandmothers, everyone seems to be connected by a social network.† Iíve often wondered which one is the most popular; however from my own experience Iíve decided that whatever one gets use to, is the one they stick with.

It appears that Twitter is used more by Companies and Celebrities.† Iím sure there is an exception; however the number of celebrities being followed on Twitter is growing. Can Twitter be compared to Facebook?† Sure.† It again comes back to each one deciding what they want from their Social Network as to which one they choose.† ButÖcan the trend continue?† Ten years down the road, will Facebook still be around?† Will Twitter still be popular?† Are they a passing phase?† Will either of them survive the new technology that is being developed on a daily basis?† Where is ďmy spaceĒ?

  1. One of the first things I find with twitter is that it is not as user friendly as other Social Networks.† The ease of operating the others would cause one to leave Twitter and go where there is little or no thought to communicate.
  2. Not everyone is an expert as the technically adept.† Twitter appears to attract those who have something to promote, and need a following much savvier than the normal John Q Public.
  3. I did a survey among my Facebook friends only to find out that NONE of them use twitter.† Does that tell me something?† Sure.† Some are very involved in the technical world of Social Networking, however for none of them to answer yes to my question, leads me to believe Twitter is missing a multitude of people to endorse their site.
  4. Twitter is not dependent on your friend list.† It is like getting acquainted with strangers, passing ideas along and getting feedback.† It cannot be an easy task, as strangers donít always want to communicate or share ideas with strangers.
  5. Not meaning to compare Facebook with Twitter, however I find it necessary to bring up another point.† Limiting the message characters to 140 leave little room for much of a message.
  6. Whereas other networks allow you to gain as many followers as you wish to keep up with, Twitter on the other hand seems to over stress follow count.
  7. Could any or all of these lead to a demise of Twitter. †I think so, allowing for the difficulty of use, or set up.
  8. Easily abused for spam and increasing the noise level.
  9. Twitter should find a better way to attract users.† At this point it has a smaller user base than other Social Networking sites.
  10. It all narrows down to what one is looking for in a Social Network such as Twitter.† However, we can see by recent History, nothing is promised to stay on top in the field without constant updates and becoming more users friendly initially.

Guest Post by Doris Thomas, a friend of Internet Service.

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