10 Things Benjamin Franklin Might Have Tweeted

If Benjamin Franklin were alive today, he would undoubtedly make use of Twitter to share is wisdom and his wit. In giving consideration to the possibility, we have come up with ten lines (fitting the required 140 character limit) that Mr. Franklin might have expressed in a tweet. 

  1. “The President forwarded this to me: ‘how R U doN 2day’. Methinks his press needs cleaning”. Franklin would have serious issues with ‘text-speak’; and would have deemed this as lazy and ignorant.
  2. “Congress used to be an altruistic endeavor of educated men, and not a pen filled with crowing roosters.” Franklin would be appalled at the contemporary service of Congress.
  3. “Nutri-System? I think not. I will decide when I am gainfully content.” Franklin had a sincere appreciation for food and wine.
  4. “It seems painfully ironic, to me, that I should have to pay my electric bill.” Franklin ‘discovered’ the energy.
  5. “300 years pass, and hundreds of pharmaceutical companies and not one is tending to the noxious nature of flatulence.” Franklin spent years of trials and research, in vain, to solve this ‘problem’.
  6. “Morbidly obese? I would rather pin my hopes on gaining 9 inches in height than focusing upon my girth.” Though often apologetic of his size, he wasn’t willing to alter his eating habits.
  7. “We pay obscene dollars to be entertained and regulate the profit of milk so the price is more tolerable. Go figure.” Franklin would be incensed with such an American value.
  8. “At what point did the wealth or financial assets of a man make him worthy of leadership? Oh, yes, King George. **snicker**”. Franklin held that an educated commoner was the consummate representative; and that affluence in leadership led to disparity in service.
  9. “It would seem more prudent to loan your neighbor your plow than to insist upon being his chef.” Franklin was firm upon the notion of self-sufficiency, self-determination and personal drive. He would have certainly had issue with long-term welfare programs.
  10. “Yes, I hit ‘ENTER’ once completed; but, without the confirmation of impressions upon paper, my words cannot achieve permanence.” I’m afraid that Mr. Franklin would have found the ‘digital world’, namely the internet, both curious and disconcerting.

Wisdom, along with a wonderful sense of humor, those are the things you find among Franklin’s quotes, and you would surely find them in his tweets.

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