10 Sites that are Perfect for Tweens

In this technology driven age, children spend more and more of their time surfing the net, sometimes unrestricted. As parents, its important to be able to monitor what your children are looking at and be able to maintain some control. Despite fears that some parents may have about the Internet, there are websites out there that offer quality entertainment to the cyber-driven tweenage crowd that allow them to safely socialize and play games, while at the same time, learning and staying safe. Here are just a few:

  1. Club Penguin: Club Penguin allows children to make their own penguin avatar and play games within the Club Penguin universe. Members can also chat with each other in a controlled environment with live moderators. The website is owned by Disney and there is no third-party advertising, a peace of mind for parents.
  2. Disney Channel: The cable network’s website is geared toward kids that watch the shows. Each show has different games involving the main characters, like Fish Hook’s Catapult Chaos or Hannah Montana’s Soundboard Mix Up.
  3. Dizzywood: This website is geared for kids through the age of 12. It involved online games and social interaction through unique characters that members can make. The Dizzywood universe is based in story line, so quite a few of the activities are educational.
  4. Ask Kids: Ask Kids is the “kid-friendly” version of Ask Jeeves. Kids can browse through responses or ask questions that will be answered by teams of experts and editors. The website is great for kids trying to do homework and covers subjects like “weird science,” “how stuff works,” “math” and “life on earth.”
  5. Discovery Kids: This website features both games and information for kids to learn and play. Kids have the ability to build a rollercoaster or look up facts about roaches.
  6. How Stuff Works: How Stuff Works is geared toward an older audience, but the content is still great for kids. The site includes video, podcasts, blogs, quizzes and games.
  7. WebKinz: Webkinz is a site that has kids adopt a pet and play in the Webkinz World at the arcade or in tournaments against other players. There are different ways to earn cash and buy things for their pet. The website does have a cost associated with it, but parents can be assured that the site is monitored and safe.
  8. Whyville: Whyville is another virtual world geared toward young people. The site was launched to engage users in educational activities, especially math and science.
  9. Beacon Street Girls: This website is dedicated to young girls between 9 and 13 and addresses issues that they might have with growing up. The site also produces a parent newsletter for parents of tween girls.
  10. Ridemakerz: This website is geared toward young men. Members customize their own virtual car and work their way through the virtual world “tricking out” their cars and working through missions.

While parents may feel that the Internet may be harmful for their children, there are sites that offer a safe haven for tweens.

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