10 Signs You Update FaceBook Too Frequently

FaceBook status updates have become a common form of communication between friends and acquaintances. Some folks, however, get a bit carried away with it. Here are 10 signs that you update FaceBook too frequently.

  1. Before Reading. The very first sign that you may be updating your FaceBook status too often, is if you find that youíve come back to read this article after having opened a new window or tab to post on your wall, before continuing on.
  2. Homework Updates. Another sign that youíre posting too often on FaceBook is when you realize youíve posted on your teenagerís wall to ask about his or her homework. This is especially true if the two of you are both at home at the time of your asking.
  3. Serial Burglary. Your house has been burglarized 3 times in the last 2 months, because the creepy older brother of one of your sonís friends keeps track of your where-abouts through your facebook postings. This one is a sure sign that you are updating your Facebook status a bit too frequently.
  4. Recognized by Strangers. If people youíve never met regularly approach you on the street and address you by name and ask if your cat still refuses to use the litter box, youíre probably updating FaceBook too often.
  5. OMG! Out Loud. If you ever catch yourself saying OMG! on witnessing an amazing event in real life, itís time to consider how frequently you update your FaceBook status. This also includes out loud utterance of other acronyms, such as saying TY instead of thank you.
  6. Too Much Information. If your doctor calls you to suggest a possible solution to your frequent urination issues, and you havenít reported any such thing to the doctorís office, youíre probably updating FaceBook with too much information and too often.
  7. Status: Unemployed. If your FaceBook friends know that youíve been laid-off from your job before your spouse knows, you are definitely posting status updates too often. On the flip side, the same is true if your FaceBook friends know about your promotion before your spouse knows about it.
  8. Unseen Award. If you look up from your computer and realize that your daughter has already received her high school diploma and is walking back to her seat, youíre probably updating FaceBook too often.
  9. Withdrawal. You may be updating FaceBook too frequently, if you begin to sweat and feel a tremor in your mouse hand when a staff meeting runs long and keeps you away from your computer for more than an hour.
  10. 3rd Person. Another sign to watch for is a shift toward 3rd person responses when someone asks you how you are doing. As it happens, the author of this article is just fine, though a little tired today. He thanks you for caring.

†If you find yourself nodding your head or smiling sheepishly at 3 or more of these signs, donít be surprised if a day comes when your family or pastor arranges for an intervention and takes your smart-phone away from you for a while.

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