10 Reasons My Senior Parents Use FaceBook

Itís seven pm on a week night; do you know where your senior citizen parents are? Thereís a very good chance that at least one of them is sitting in front of a computer with FaceBook on the monitor. Why there? Here are ten reasons that your senior parent is using FaceBook every day.

  1. Community Group Pages. These FaceBook pages, often started by senior citizen activity centers or chamber of commerce committees can help your senior parents keep up on meetings and events that they would like to attend, and what happens in the events they are unable to attend.
  2. Spiritual Growth and Comfort. There are many spiritual and religious related pages on FaceBook, some maintained by churches, and others by folks that just enjoy sharing inspirational materials that your senior parents may enjoy or find valuable.
  3. Book, Music, and Visual Arts Discussion Groups. This type of FaceBook group gives your parents a wonderful opportunity to find others with similar tastes in reading, listening, and other arts and crafts. They can discuss favorites, and discover new favorites by following these types of FaceBook group pages.
  4. Money Saving Opportunities. By monitoring the pages of their favorite coffee shops, supermarkets, and other frequently shopped stores, your senior parents can learn of in-store specials and other daily opportunities for savings that donít show up in the storesí weekly ads or mailers.
  5. FaceBook Games and Activities. Yes, believe it or not, there is a good chance that at least one of your parents has found interest in games such as Farmville or other FaceBook applications. Hey, you didnít thing playing and pretending was only for the young, did you?
  6. Old Friends in Other Places. As folks retire, they donít always remain living where they lived during their working lives. FaceBook is a great way for them to stay in touch with each other on a daily or weekly basis. With the ability to share photographs and stories, their connections can remain rich, though they may be divided by great distance.
  7. Making New Friends. Through their FaceBook wall contact with old friends, seniors are finding new friends and acquaintances with whom to share lives and build relationships. This helps to keep growing new connections in the world, and not feel isolated by less physically active lives.
  8. School and Alumni Group Pages. By joining and staying active on their college and high school graduation pages on FaceBook, your senior parents can be alerted to alumni get-togethers and keep track of the lives and deaths of old schoolmates with whom theyíve lost contact. †And now, we come to the two most important reasons that your senior parents are on FaceBook every day.
  9. Grandchildren. Grandchildren often begin spending less time with grandparents as they move into their teen years, or they may simply live too far away for them to see each other every day. Seniors can keep an eye on the grandkids lives and activities by looking in at the grandkidsí FaceBook walls on a regular basis. You should find this to be a good thing, as it can help alleviate your guilt for moving far away or not insisting on the kids keeping in regular touch with Grandma and Grandpa.
  10. Embarrassing their Adult Children. This is my favorite. Iím not a senior citizen yet, but Iím getting there, and Iím already doing my best to make full use of my young adult sonís FaceBook wall in this way. Telling stories about his childhood, and occasionally saying really embarrassing things, like; ďWow, son, itís really groovy that you got that sick promotion at work!Ē He really hates it when I mix old school and modern slang in public, but he doesnít dare delete or disavow these remarksÖbecause he knows that his Grandma is watching his FaceBook page, too, and she will call him if he disrespects his dad.

Now you know why it is that your senior parents are spending time on FaceBook every day. It can be fulfilling, uplifting, fun, and even allow them to continue embarrassing you in front of your friends, long after you thought you could stop worrying about such things.

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