10 Most Well Known Internet Company Logos

We are a very visual society and branding is an effective marketing tool. Whenever we use the internet on our computers, blackberries or smart phones, we rely on company logos to navigate. These distinctive symbols automatically translate in our brains to the companies they represent without our even thinking about it. There are countless logos we see every day, but here are 10 of the most well known internet company logos. 

  1. Google – With a small letter g and the eye catching primary colors, the Google logo is probably the most well known by internet users. The term “Google it” has become synonymous with doing an internet search.
  2. Yahoo – Another widely recognizable logo is the purple Y! for Yahoo. Clicking the Y! brings up another powerful search engine with email, shopping, websites, and many more applications.
  3. Facebook – Everyone knows the small letter f in a blue box represents Facebook. Just click on the logo to post interesting articles, pictures and websites on your Facebook page to share with all your friends.
  4. Twitter – The dark blue t in a light blue box or the blue bird will automatically translate to Twitter in our minds. Click on the well known logo and start tweeting about whatever’s on your mind.
  5. Amazon – This internet shopping giant’s logo is readily recognizable by the black small letter a with a yellow smiling arrow. The full logo has the yellow arrow pointing from A to Z in the Amazon name indicating you can shop for anything from A to Z and be happy with your choice.
  6. Windows – Everyone instantly knows the Windows logo when they see it. The multi-colored four-paned wavy window symbol has been used by Microsoft forever to represent their Windows applications.
  7. Apple – The apple with a bite out of it is another instantly recognized logo. Whether we use their products or not, we all know what the Apple logo represents.
  8. Internet Explorer – This browser is known by its blue letter e with a yellow ring. Introduced by Microsoft, this logo is synonymous with the internet to many PC users who use Explorer to surf the web.
  9. Mozilla Firefox – This distinctive logo has a red fox embracing a blue globe representing another world-wide-web browser. The Firefox browser is gaining popularity with millions of internet users.
  10. YouTube – There have been a few variations on the YouTube logo, but they all used the eye catching color combination of red, black and white. The shape of the logo brings to mind the common television tube screen ironically now being replaced by flat-screen TV’s.

Company logos are designed to catch your eye and symbolize what their company represents. Most of us don’t give much thought to how these logos were developed, but there is always a reason they use the colors and shapes we see. They appeal to our basic instincts to invoke a message with the common objective to “pick me!”  while streamlining our internet thought process. All we need to do is point and click.

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