10 Most Common Items Sold On Craigslist

I worked at a newspaper back when, and since then have become an avid classified ad researcher.  I don’t have to be looking for anything in particular; I just like seeing what others are selling.  Now and then I do find something I can’t live without, but as a rule I just read the classifieds for no reason other than the one I mentioned.

Craigslist on the other hand is not a place I frequent.  No reason, other than it seems too crowded or disorganized or…I really don’t have an or…  I have not found a reason to even find a bargain on craigslist.  However, just for you I did take a peek to see if I could answer the query of our title – 10 most common items.  I wasn’t disappointed in my answer, however research is the name of the game this time.

I found that some things fall below the 10 most common – according to the season.  That stands to reason as well, for who looks for Christmas trees in March?

  • Would you believe free stuff?  Yep.  Big as life, one can at least look for things given away.
  • Electronics for sure.  Whether computers, new or refurbished.  Phones whether new or refurbished.  Your choice.
  • Automobiles?  Yep they were there as well. Cars and Trucks. From Antique cars to good used ones to even low mileage new ones.
  • Jewelry.  Looking for a good set of used engagement/wedding rings?  Might be a good place to start.
  • Tickets to your favorite band, or sporting event.
  • Books, outdated or out of print to the same thing you might find on Amazon.
  • Arts & Craft books or arts and craft items.
  • Sports equipment
  • Tools
  • Then there is everything from clothes for the family, toys for the kids, games for everyone, collectibles, motorcycles…and the list goes on.

I just may have to rethink going to Craigslist for my next find.

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