10 Internet Shows All About Technology

The Internet has fast become the place to go to for all of our needs.† Who uses yellow pages anymore?† Donít you just look it up online?† How about when your kids need to write a report, do they open up an encyclopedia like their parents did when they were in school?† Nope, they go to the Internet for that too.† Heck, you donít even need to watch your favorite show on the TV anymore.† You can watch it on the Internet.† So what do you do when you have a question about technology?† Why, you go to the Internet, of course!† Check out these 10 Internet shows all about technology.

  1. Ask the Techies Internet TV Show: This show is in its 3rd season and is created at Ohio University.† The experts on the show field questions from the viewers and answer them in a clear and easily understood manner.
  2. How do I?: These shows are on butterscotch.com and cover any number of technological questions.† If youíd like to know how to build your own PC thereís a show for that.† If you just want to know how to use the apps on your phone there is a show for that too.
  3. Click: No, this is not about the Adam Sandler movie.† This is a technology show from the BBC all about technology.† They feature the newest gadgets from recent trade shows that the normal person doesnít have access to along with many other fascinating tech toys.
  4. Digital Planet: These episodes are a little different because they are audio files instead of video files, but the end result is the same in that they share a lot of technological information.† This is another program from the BBC.
  5. Tech News Today: Thereís literally a new episode every day.† The hosts do the show live every day at 2:30 PST and will field viewer questions and they talk about the newest technology as well as share things they have found out about video games and many other things.
  6. iPad Today: I bet you can guess what this program is about.† Did you get an iPad for Christmas and are still trying to figure out how to use all of the cool functions?† Check out this show for entertaining tips on how to use the apps, news regarding future upgrades as well as the coolest tricks.
  7. The Tech Guy: This show is only on Sat. and Sun., but it covers a wider range of topics.† They did a program about setting up a home theater, using your DVR, and many other useful topics for the non-techie.
  8. The Giz Wiz: On the lighter side, this show is a comedy that covers all sorts of gadgets that are technology based.† For example, he did a show on iGrill telling you how to turn your phone into a meat thermometer.
  9. Floss Weekly: Nope, this is not about various flossing techniques.† This show is all about open source software.† Thereís a different guest on every week and they talk about various open source software and the merits of it.
  10. Green Tech Today: From the title you have probably guessed that this show is all about technology to help us go GREEN.† The latest in electric cars, how to create natural gas while capturing CO2 and a plethora of other green technology.† This program has new shows every Monday.

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