10 Great Sites to Swap Stuff

Are you into bartering and trading of goods and services? It appears that you have a lot of company if you are. There are dozens of swap sites on the internet where people can trade goods or services. On many of these sites you have the added advantage of not having to swap what you have with the person who has what you want. Let me explain.

Instead of one person trying to find someone who wants what they have and also has something they want in exchange, most of the swap sites work on some sort of point system. You gain points by providing items and you can use your points to ‘purchase’ someone else’s items.

Below is just a sampling of the various types of swap sites available.

  1. CraigslistMany of us are familiar with Craigslist as a place to buy and sell but this well known site also has a barter section. Here you will find listings like: Will trade new ipad for a plane ticket; Will trade professional services for time in your vacation home. There’s no telling what you might find on the list at any given time.
  2. Swap at homeThis site is one the more general swap sites. List your items available to swap. List items you are looking for. The site help you find the items you are looking for and matches you with other members who want the items you have listed. Members are only responsible for paying the shipping costs on their items.
  3. Labor TraderThis is a great concept and a little unique from all the rest of the sites since it doesn’t involve the exchange of material goods but simply labor for labor. You are able to search your local area by the type of services you are looking for and also post your own services on the site.
  4. Swap-botThis site seemed to have a lot of smaller interesting swaps going on. Swaps for craft paper, Easter candy, postcards, a very eclectic mix of items and types of swap meets.
  5. ZwaggleThis site advertises itself as a network of parents. It’s a great place for finding toys, beds, bikes and all kinds of things parents might need or want.
  6. SwapbabygoodsThis is another great site for parents but with a more narrowed focus. Babies grow fast and often leave parents with clothes, toys, car seats and other items that are barely used. This site provides a great place to get rid of the outgrown items and find the new items needed for the next stage.
  7. ChanceXChangeThis is one of many media swap sites. The media swap sites focus on games, films, music, and books. Why buy or rent a movie or game when you can just trade?
  8. BookMoochThis is a great site for the avid reader. Instead of trying to sell your old books at a garage sale for pennies, you can send them to someone who truly wants them in exchange for books that you have yet to read.
  9. SwapstyleHave you ever been to a closet swap party? This is the online version. Clothes and accessories from other’s closets available for you to browse through and choose from while they  provide a new home for yours.
  10. MakeupAlleyThis site seems very popular also. Although there is some used makeup listed on the site, there is also a lot of brand new items and sample items. A great place to get rid of that perfume you got for Christmas that you don’t like and find that moisturizer that you wanted instead.

This list of ten is just a small portion of the sites available. As with anything there is the potential for abuse. It is ‘swapper beware’. Check the ratings of other members. Report any problems to the site managers. Ask plenty of questions if a description isn’t clear. Then find yourself some good deals.

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