10 Crazy Ways Charlie Sheen is Using the Internet

Millions watch in apparent fascination as Charlie Sheen spirals out of control in a meltdown of epic proportions. People who want to know what his latest escapades are need go no further than their internet connection. Just what is that crazy Charlie up to now? Don’t miss a single moment!

  1. Twitter – If you’re tweeting, Charlie is a hot topic. At any given moment either Sheen is doing the tweeting himself or someone is tweeting about him. A new tweet pops up about every second.
  2. Facebook – Every couple hours or so there’s another post from Charlie on his facebook page. Some of them seem unintelligible, but maybe it’s just me. Perhaps there’s a secret code I’m missing. Winning!
  3. Youtube – A search on Youtube brings up thousands of results with millions of views. If you want to see what a human train wreck looks like, just log on and keep watching. There’s never a dull moment! Check out his new cooking show.
  4. TMZ – This website must have had to hire new staff just to keep up with the latest Sheen escapades. There’s at least a new story every day and tons of videos. Don’t miss the latest in the pug wars between Charlie and Denise.
  5. Website – Of course the premier source of all that’s Charlie is his own website. There you get links to his twitter and facebook, plus you can purchase authentic Charlie Sheen merchandise. Get your “Duh, Winning” T-shirt for only $19.95!
  6. Selling tickets – Did you know Charlie is going on tour? Don’t miss out on your chance for a front row seat to the walking disaster himself. Who doesn’t want to dish out some hard earned cash to contribute to the Sheen millions? Get ‘em while they’re hot! Hopefully he’ll actually show up, but if not, Snoop Dogg just signed on.
  7. Online news – By the time you see it on TV its old news. Log on to any news site to get the latest of Charlie’s escapades. It’s a good thing there isn’t anything more important going on in the world right now. We sure don’t want all those reporters sitting around with nothing else to do. Charlie keeps them busy.
  8. Blogs – If you’re not blogging about Charlie, what’s wrong with you? Keep those keyboards clicking! Just how do you really feel about him “winning” all the time? What is your opinion about everything Charlie? Go to everythingcharlie.com to get your daily updates!
  9. Google – Of course, for an all-of-the-above approach, just google Charlie Sheen to get the latest on the web. There’s video, news, blogs, pictures and more than you can possibly ever want right at your fingertips. Charlie wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything he has to offer!
  10. Wikipedia – I wonder if Charlie has a personal assistant to make sure Wikipedia is keeping his content up to date? I see they have a disclaimer to make sure you keep recent events in historical perspective. Did you know his real name is Carlos Irwin Estevez?

If you can’t get through the day without checking up on Charlie Sheen, don’t worry. Charlie has access to the internet and he knows how to use it. With ex-wives and children to support, he uses every tool at his disposal to keep those millions rolling in. He may be crazy, but he’s winning! Must be the tiger blood.

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