10 Buttons I Wish FaceBook Would Add

The buttons on Facebook have been evolving as Facebook usage increases. I personally would like to see a number of new buttons on Facebook, but have limited my list to just ten buttons I wish Facebook would add.

  1. Dislike Button. Many people have commented that they would like to see a dislike button on Facebook to go along with the like button for status and newsfeed updates. So far it hasnít happened. But beware, there is a SPAM posting floating around facebook that says that Facebook has added a dislike button. Once you click on it, the post copies onto your wall for others to see and possibly click as well. It also† exposes your computer to potential malware threats.
  2. Tweet-This Button. Facebook users also tend to be Tweeters. While you are able to post tweets to Facebook, as of yet, you are unable to link in the other direction.
  3. Spellcheck Button. Some internet browsers have a built in spellcheck feature, however not all of them do. If Facebook had a spellcheck button, it would save some embarrassing moments, especially for those who use Facebook for professional purposes.
  4. Whisper Button. Facebook needs to have a whisper button for sharing secrets. Sometimes you want to share info that shouldnít be shared with others. Or maybe you are planning a surprise party and donít want the word to get out to the guest of honor. A whisper button would show that you intend for discretion.
  5. Flirt Button. OK, so whatís up with the Poke button? Who wants to be poked? If your intentions are to just get the attention of the recipient, then why not a flirt button? Or you could expand for more humorous attempts such as a punch, kick or slap button, as well.
  6. Jealous Button. This button could work for both posts and photos. Of course, itís just for fun, but many people type the word jealous in their comments, and this would save them time.
  7. Love It Button. Why do we have to stop with the like it button? Letís just go with the flow of a popular ice cream company, and have a Like It, Love It, and Gotta Have It buttons.
  8. LOL Button. SMS Text speak is spanning the world, and everyone seems to know LOL and other common texting terms. Facebook should add some, if not all, common texting terms, including Laughing Out Loud.
  9. Who Cares. It may sound harsh, but how often have you read someoneís post and wondered Ďwho caresí to yourself? Some people really need to edit their thoughts prior to typing.
  10. Zoom Button. How many times have you tried to click on someoneís photo in their profile and it was so tiny you couldnít see a thing? If Facebook would add a zoom button for photos, it would keep several of us from having to squint.†

Iím sure you can think of plenty of other buttons that you would like for Facebook to add. This was just the tip of my iceberg. You never know, some of these may happen, all it takes it letting Facebook know what its users want.

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