10 Ways People Borrow Internet Service

In today’s wired world, it seems impossible to imagine going through the day without Internet access. But while Internet access is essential in today’s world, it’s not always available. Sometimes you have to take advantage of the popularity of the Internet by borrowing service from another source. Here are the top 10 ways people borrow Internet service:

  1. Head to Your Local Starbucks: Starbucks’ new plan of offering free Internet service at all of its nationwide locations has proven to be a huge success. Just head in, grab your favorite coffee and fasten your seatbelt in preparation for a free trip down the information super highway!
  2. Go to the Public Library: Public libraries have come under fire with the advent of technology that makes books seem obsolete, but they’ve found new life for another reason: free Internet. The library is still a great place to go to learn, but now you don’t have to ask the librarian where to find books in order to do so.
  3. Use Your University’s Internet: One of the great things about being a college student is constant access to free Internet service. Internet service provided by universities isn’t just for students; it’s also for visitors and parents. Visiting campus is a great way to borrow Internet access for a few hours.
  4. Use Your School’s Internet: More and more high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools are now offering expanded Internet access to students, parents, teachers, neighbors and alumni. Taking advantage of the typically high end bandwidth and accessibility of school Internet is an excellent way to borrow signal when you’re in a jam.
  5. Drive Around Until You Find Service: With the advent of portable computers and smart phones, it’s now possible to drive around looking for available wireless networks until you find one that you can access. Assuming your motives are purely harmless, there’s no shame in getting in the car and trying to find a free signal. Just stay off the highways!
  6. Use Your Cell Phone as a Hot Spot: Smart phones are amazing pieces of technology. Some new models offer an incredible new feature that allows them to function as mobile hot spots. This means you can take your Internet signal anywhere you want to go, provided you have cell phone service. Having one of these phones or a good friend who does is a great way to take your Internet with you wherever you decide to go.
  7. Borrow a Neighbor’s Internet Signal: Most of us are familiar with the wireless network lists available in apartment complexes or suburban neighborhoods. When a neighbor’s network is accessible and you’re in a jam, there’s no shame in borrowing signal for a short time, provided your motives are harmless and you don’t compromise any private information.
  8. Head to Your Local Deli: More and more local restaurants are providing free wireless high-speed Internet to their clientele. This is a great way for local restaurants to get your business and a great way for you to save a few bucks and borrow Internet service when you need it. Just try not to spill ketchup or mustard on your laptop.
  9. Stay at a Hotel or Visit the Lobby: Hotels were some of the first businesses to offer free high-speed wireless Internet to customers. Most hotels offer some form of Internet access to anyone within range, and that includes you whether you are staying at the hotel or not. So head into the lobby, grab a cup of coffee and a bagel from the complimentary breakfast, and get online.
  10. Try the Airport: Airports are a great place to borrow Internet. Signals are abundant in order to serve the many passengers who crowd the Web while waiting on flights. It’s easy to blend in with the crowd at an airport, and even easier to borrow some Internet from one of the many sources at an airport if you know where to look.

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