10 Reasons People Watch the Annoying Orange Videos

Why do millions of people watch the Annoying Orange Videos? The series began in October 2009 and it is still alive and kicking with nearly 40 million viewers to date on the first video. There are several reasons why so many people have taken the time to view, laugh at, and get annoyed by, this special orange. Here are 10 reasons why.

  1. That orange really is annoying. It might seem like an obvious point, but the series is aptly named. The orange on the counter with the eyes and mouth has a high-pitched voice that is unpleasant to the ears. To make matters worse it has an irritating laugh and it simply wonít shut up, right to the last second of the video.
  2. Itís so stupid itís funny. The jokes are lame and some of them donít make any sense. Honestly, itís an orange talking, so why should it make sense? They use bad puns and the orange makes foolish assumptions that even a small child knows are wrong. For example, when the orange is bothering the pumpkin, he states that the pumpkin must be a big orange because of his color, and insists that he could be his ďbig brother.Ē
  3. The element of danger. The setting is in a kitchen where all kind of foods get sliced, diced and cooked. The other foods arrive only to be tortured by a small, annoying, citrus fruit on the opposite counter before their sudden demise. Of course the orange offers a two second warning (e.g. ďHay appleÖ knifeĒ) before the screaming starts, as the already victimized foods become meals. It makes such an ordinary thing like slicing an apple seem like a horrific act, and it makes us laugh because itís a ridiculous idea.
  4. Familiarity. We all know the characters, so it is easy to dive right into the story. Orange, apple, pumpkin, cheese, grapefruit, bananas, and other foods have made appearances and it is interesting to see how they are given personalities. We all have a mental reference to these things, and the twist is refreshing. Not to mention the Mario and Pac-Man episodes, which bring in classic video game characters that we all know and love.
  5. Itís an escape from reality. Many people use funny YouTube videos to unwind. Stress at school or work is more than enough reason for some to tune into that annoying orange. Life can also get mundane, depressing, and overly busy. These videos can help you forget about reality for a few minutes and laugh a little.
  6. Our friends watch. In most cases, people watch things because they heard about it from a friend or family member. There are so many easy ways to share things online these days, so it is easy for a series of funny videos like this to go viral. You can email, blog, post on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks about what you see, and before you know it friends tell their friends and soon it seems like everyone you know has seen it.
  7. Light humor is always refreshing. Unlike Family Guy or the Simpsons, these videos are not satirical and donít have any heavy or insulting jokes that people can seriously take offense to. If you really want to read more into what the creators intended, then perhaps you need to lighten up. Overall, the idea is to simply make people laugh without making political statements or making people think too much to get the jokes. It is all lighthearted and simple enough for kids to enjoy along with you.
  8. Curiosity. A lot of people have read tweets about the videos, scrolled through YouTube and saw the title, or heard someone talking about the ďAnnoying Orange.Ē The simple title simply spurs curiosity and some people just have to find out what everyone is talking about. After they watch the first one, they become even more curious about whom the orange will annoy next, and therefore watch the other videos.
  9. We have nothing better to do. Letís face it; some people simply have no lives. Granted, that doesnít mean that only people who have no lives watch the Annoying Orange, but some viewers probably donít have anything better to do. If you canít sleep and you are in a bad mood, itís 2:30 am, and youíre online. Why not watch it?
  10. ďItís awesome.Ē When asked why they watch, several people just say, ďitís awesome.Ē The only real way to find out if you agree or disagree with that is to watch the videos yourself. This is a highly subjective declaration, but many people seem to agree with this statement.

That is why so many people tune in to watch the many Annoying Orange videos. Itís good clean fun for the whole family.

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5 Responses to 10 Reasons People Watch the Annoying Orange Videos

  1. Maddey says:

    OMG I haven’t ever heard of the Annoying Orange but now that I have heard of it I think I might start watching the videos.

  2. WASSUP says:

    Annoying Orange is a GAS! It makes you feel good.

  3. Penny says:

    Because he is not a BANANA

  4. Squire Hogg says:

    The team that makes the Annoying Orange videos are very talented and creative. They clearly put a large amount of time making each video. The visual and audio effects are wonderful. Plus they allow video responses and some of my video responses to the orange have become mildly popular. Hey Apple.

  5. Rico Godoy says:

    Great Article! It always is interesting to see people’s opinions whether good or bad. It’s even better to see people can still right and retain Freedom of Speech!

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