10 Reasons People Love Satellite Internet

The days of the old 20Kbps dial-up internet that was thought to be oh so fast are oh so over, and in their place is the age of broadband and satellite, offering quite superior and extremely fast speeds unmatched by most. Today, there are a few companies in the U.S. that will offer satellite internet, as it is a very superior technology compared to all others, with benefits that arenít found with other internet technologies. When it comes to speed, cost, capability, and features, you want the best, which is why these 10 reasons people love satellite internet keep this technology thriving and growing in popularity over all other forms of internet available today.

  1. Lightning quick speed. The speed of satellite internet is perhaps the biggest perk and reason why people are in love with this technology, as it is over 80 times faster than dial-up an much quicker than even broadband. Speed in the internet is an extremely important element as slow internet connections these days can keep your use of the internet at a minimum.
  2. Costs are low compared to service provided. When it comes to paying for satellite internet, you would think that the high quality offered is going to cost a great deal, but it doesnít. In fact, you can find plans these days for as low as $39.99 a month, with several features and great offers that can even be lower than that.
  3. Quick installation. You order, itís installed, and you get online, just quick as that. Once you place your order, a technician is sent to your home for many times a free installation, which is done in minutes, allowing you to instantly access the internet with no waiting times or anything else to do on your part except pay the bill each month.
  4. Option to lease or buy. With most satellite internet providers, you are offered the option to lease or buy the equipment, which is great for so many reasons. For one, you can get the equipment much cheaper without a lump sum having to be paid out at once, allowing you to budget costs into your finances. Also, if you choose to buy, you are eligible for great rebates that lessen the cost and you can keep the satellite forever, giving you access no matter where you go.
  5. Extremely fast uploads and downloads. Whether you work from home on your computer, access your work information from your home, go to school online, or just have a lot of sharing to do, the upload and download speeds with satellite internet are extremely high, much higher than with any other technology used today. This allows you to get these downloads and upload your own files within a matter of seconds, increasing your overall speed online.
  6. 99% connection uptime. With satellite internet, you are tapping into a highly sophisticated technology that is much more reliable than other methods that are wired or cabled. With a 99% connection uptime, you are almost guaranteed internet services anytime without crashes and network drops.
  7. Optimization for multiple users. Optimizing the internet is the most important step in ensuring that the internet runs how you need it to. With satellite internet, you are given the option to optimize for several users on the network, with many different options to optimize the network.
  8. Many include side services. Most satellite internet providers are going to offer several side services to not only ensure the best use of your internet, but to ensure the security of their network as well. It isnít uncommon to find providers offering the services with security provided, as well as other services that can be a small amount more each month.
  9. 99% zip codes covered. When it comes to choosing an internet service, many times people want to know where they are covered. Ending one service and starting another because the company you have had doesnít cover your new area is quite costly and such a nuisance, which is why it is great when you find an internet provider with such an expansive coverage.
  10. Dependable technical support. What you want most from an internet service provider is dependable support services to ensure that you never lose the services you depend on. With satellite internet, problems are able to be fixed easily from the tech support office, and what canít be fixed will be fixed through professionals that will respond immediately to your needs.

Satellite internet offers maximum speed, awesome internet surfing capabilities, and a service that is unmatched by any other technology today. You can let go of the wires and have internet completely wireless, with great benefits in area coverage and uptime that wonít let you down.†

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