10 Reasons I Only Need an Internet Phone

VOIP services are becoming quite popular today, with many people deciding that the other forms of telecommunications are no longer as necessary as before. From extra expenses to unused minutes and time on the phone, you will find that saving a bit of money without losing any services is actually a great deal indeed. In fact, it seems that as the internet continues to develop, there are a lot of services that are going to be more obsolete than ever before, especially as web users are learning their way around these great applications and functions that allow them to do anything from video chatting to watching television and sharing files online, no longer needing extra lines of communication to get through to others. So when you want to find 10 reasons I only need an internet phone, here are some good reasons.

  1. Less expensive. When it comes to phone services, whether home lines or mobile, the costs can get quite high. If you want a good reason to switch over to VOIP only, this is a great one. Not only is VOIP cheaper than phone services, but you can cut out costs for other services as well.
  2. Free long distance. Remember the days when you paid a dime a minute for long distance, or even added long distance to your phone service for an extreme cost per month? As this diminished, phone plans began to even out around $40 to $50 and more for mobile, eventually leading to an average cost for long distance that still has a bit of a steep element. With VOIP, you get free long distance for the low cost of the service you purchase.
  3. Plans under $10. For the low cost of $10, you can have VOIP services that will allow you to utilize the phone services you need for the lowest cost possible. You arenít going to be hit by crazy fees that you donít expect or understand, and you will know exactly what you are paying for.
  4. Phone minutes unused often. There are so many people that pay extreme costs for mobile and home phone plans that only leave you with unused minutes that go down the drain. You may only make an average of 10 calls per month, but you are paying for over 75% of services that you donít even use, leaving you with wasted money you canít get back.
  5. Better filtering. When you are filtering calls with a home or mobile phone, it can definitely be difficult to know just who is calling or whether someone has used someone elseís number to get through. Well, with VOIP services, you are able to filter your calls to where you only receive incoming calls from other VOIP members or numbers you know.
  6. Taking your phone wherever you go. Cell phones are bound by signals, home phones are bound by wires, VOIP, however, is bound by no limits, able to travel wherever your internet is. If you are using wireless, you can take the phone anywhere you go.
  7. Video conferencing. No, you donít need special equipment and crazy high phone plans to get video conferencing, and you donít need a phone that is over $100 either. In fact, with VOIP, you can leave the phone out of the equation altogether and enjoy video conferencing through your computer for no extra charge with the help of a web cam.
  8. True mobile talking. With internet phone, you donít have to carry around any devices, although you can easily use a small headset or Bluetooth to converse through the VOIP. No more carrying around phones and having to be careful to hear it when it rings.
  9. No more broken cell phones. When you are carrying around a cell phone all day, answering when it rings, and trying to get it back in its case, you are always risking a fall that could easily break the phone, meaning costly replacement. With VOIP, you are able to avoid this cost and annoyance, leaving the telecommunications to the internet.
  10. Reduce your monthly responsibilities. Jobs, school, kids, life, and everything else that can make responsibilities seem to wander into the background have a great way of hampering you down. If you want to let go of some responsibility and combine all your costs into one, you can use VOIP instead of a phone to get your conversations out with less cost.

Getting VOIP may not be for everyone, but for those that enjoy their time on the internet and are looking for a way to get rid of attachments through the phone; VOIP can be a great choice. If you want great reasons to leave the phone alone for good, internet phone can provide many benefits the phone just doesnít.

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