10 Really Weird Ways People Use Facebook

Social networks are the epitome of social interaction these days, with Facebook dominating the computer screens of millions, as well as mobile phones too. Facebook has even seemed to make its way into Hollywood big screen magic, and continues to make its way into several favorites lists online. So what gives Facebook its internet magic? Perhaps the applications or broad scale interaction is enticing to the millions that use the social network, or perhaps the site is just too fun to resist, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is using it the same. In fact, there are 10 really weird ways people use Facebook today, that may shock and already annoy you.

  1. Friending unknown people. This is perhaps one of the most common of the weirdest ways Facebook is used today, as there are several that use the network to do this. It’s just weird to add people as your friends that you have no clue about, and there are many that do it, giving a lot of people an annoyance they rather not deal with.
  2. Stalking members of Facebook. Although you may be thinking “yeah right, there are too many securities on Facebook”, the truth is that it just happens. Although you may be blocking the perverts and filtering those that don’t look safe, there are users that will create false profiles in an attempt to stock members without them knowing.
  3. Sharing weird photos and videos. When you search the web, you can easily encounter a weird photo or video that you just pass by because it’s so insignificant and offensive, but there are Facebook members that actually feed off these photos and vids, sharing them through Facebook so all their friends can see for whatever reasoning they find necessary.
  4. The ex-checkup. How many times have you broken up with someone only for them to follow you around and call you at all hours of the day and night? Well, Facebook has become the perfect ex-checkup tool, in which an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend will create a fake profile in order to checkup on what you’re doing online.
  5. Tagging photos that have no one in it. Yeah, it can be a bit amusing, but the point of tagging is to display pictures that may contain someone else on Facebook you know. This can be used to find people or share photos between friends in the photo with you or that you own. A picture of dirty toilet paper tagged with someone’s name is just weird, not to mention offensive to most.
  6. Tracking a period. Okay, every woman knows that it can be easy to forget just when your period is due, and yes, getting caught unexpectedly could be a huge disaster, but Facebook is just not the right tracking tool. Using the events to mark your period each month is just a bit trifling and unnecessary information to spread around when you can buy a calendar for as little as $1.
  7. Finding a date. Singles are everywhere, and most likely present on Facebook as well, but this is definitely not the right place to find a date when there are so many better places online to look. Searching Facebook for a date is becoming a popular way to weirdly use the network, and becoming troublesome for those involved that don’t want to be.
  8. Tracking daily errands. There are applications now that will track everything you do all day, and then display it for the world of Facebook to see. Now, while that may seem necessary to some, to others it’s just a little too weird, especially when one of the errands should have been a TMI situation.
  9. Updating status with child’s potty training progress. Now parents are supposed to be proud of their children, but whoever said that potty training progress was the best subject? Parents today have begun thinking that this is qualified updating information, but really, it’s just weird.
  10. Creating toddler pages. Yes, this is another parent’s weird Facebooking action, which has been seen and is getting a little weird, especially in today’s age. Although you want everyone to see your kids and how much they are growing, just stick to the photos on your own member profile because toddlers really shouldn’t have their own membership.

These are definitely the weirdest ways people today have been seen using Facebook, causing a little concern and making a few people mad. These ways are probably going to evolve through time and there will definitely be some more items added to the list, but no one ever said people were perfect, and hey, it’s just a social network anyway.

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  1. Sherrie says:

    You are right and the folks who developed and debuted PATH are right as well. PATH will have no more than 50 friends in your social network that you care. You don’t need your uncaring millions attached to your account.

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