10 Lovely Ladies Computer Geeks Tossed Aside

Once upon a time some pioneers set forth to populate America with a new kind of species. They called this species PC (no, no, not politically correct instead, personal computer). These species multiplied at a fast rate largely due to the great desire that another new species the “computer geek” had to mate with the PC. For quite some time they lived happily together until a sexier newer mate came along turning the heads of the “computer geeks” and coming between them and their old PC’s. This resulted in most of the PC’s being tossed aside. As a memorial to the PC’s the pioneers created we put together this collection of announcements they originally made when they released their sexy creatures to roam the Earth:

This first creature was super sexy and allured many a computer geek that spent countless hours caressing her tan body and pushing her buttons (1982):

Our next creature was indeed exceedingly rare and compact. It was this small stature which intrigued many of the “computer geeks” (1982):

Our next creature was alluring because of her very foreign sounding name (1982):

Well this creature quickly got a nickname for her less than high standards – Alias Trash 80 (1984):

Given the huge popularity of a rocker with a similar name this sexy temptress was like a drug to many “computer geeks” (1982):

So portable, so sleek and slips right inside your case (1982):

We all loved our fruity PC’s even if some were the pits (1984):

Hmmm how to do more with less, the story of the “computer geeks” life! (1984):

Now this is a prize worthy of only the geekiest of “computer geeks” (1985):

She was one of the original PC’s that the pioneers brought to young “computer geeks” around the country (1981):

As you can see, these PC’s offered some pretty amazing times to the “computer geeks.”  It was so sad to see the happy couple break up but alas, we will always have our memories…

-Cheers to all the other “Computer Geeks” out there!

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