10 Internet Only Shows That Are Terrible

The internet today has many great features, many times offering you services and entertainment that voids the need for much else. While television has always been a large part of life, the internet of today takes this concept and provides several internet only shows that can range across different subjects, concepts, ideas, and types of shows, many called vlogs, vids, and many other names as well. However, the power of television is slow to simmer as internet based television shows aren’t comparing to their television based alternative, with some internet only shows that are just for the birds. In fact, there are 10 internet only shows that are terrible and show the superiority of television shows greatly.

  1. “90 Seconds of Dave”. While the concept of this internet only show follows the public need to be in somebody’s business, the show itself is just a bomb. The show features 90 second video episodes, following the life of Dave per episode. What makes it so terrible is the fact that it’s just Dave and his life for 90 seconds at a time.
  2. “Ask a Ninja”. This is an internet based comedy that originates from California, but is just too simple for words. A ninja can be interesting, but the concept went out in the 80’s and 90’s, and left with Chris Farley, leaving this small internet comedy to be a bomb in the internet line up.
  3. “Drinking with Bob”. Okay, a bar scene is grimy enough, with drunks rambling and ranting about their latest problems, and most of those in the bar are going to tell the drunks to shut up and go elsewhere with their problems. So, why Bob thought drunken ranting would make for a good web show is a mystery that shows to be a disaster and a highly unappealing internet only show.
  4. “Daily Dancer”. Ambition is always a great thing and the love for dancing is not a solo venture, however, not everyone cares how you dance, what you love to dance to, and what new moves you have learned during the week. This show is an internet flop that involves a software developer that dances live each week to a new song, but leaves much to question about the point.
  5. “Happy Tree Friends”. This is a kids’ web show that features animated tree pals that have fun and sing songs, and come off a bit creepy to adults so you know children are going to be a bit apprehensive. The show is unorganized and the “Diego” loving kids are just not going to get into such a low budgeted and odd animation.
  6. “Protips”. Well, for some this show may be awesome, but that is for those that are currently trying to get some tips about being out on the green. For others, this is just another dull show about golf except this one is over the web.
  7. “Richard Show”. If it isn’t bad enough that there are internet shows about a person and their life, this one chronicles a man and his wife as they live their daily lives. Yeah, if you are into reality TV, this can be an interesting concept, but really, who needs to see your whole life?
  8. “Star Tomorrow”. When “American Idol” came out, there began a massive public sweep towards reality talent shows judged by the oddest trio in Hollywood. Well, taking on the popularity of “American Idol”, “Star Tomorrow” is another public talent show, however, there are no judges and it is for the web only. Okay, the judges make “American Idol” the popular hit it is, so why leave them out of this one?
  9. “Daily Video Jokes”. Getting a joke book can be a bit fun, learning new ways to slam someone or get someone’s humor out, but it always ends up on the shelf collecting dust with half of the content just no good. Well, “Daily Video Jokes” is true to the name, featuring everyday people spitting out jokes you can add to your mind, but it just doesn’t pan out as a hit.
  10. “Tiki Bar TV”. When you want a drink and some gab, you just aren’t trying to get it through your computer. Most people will hit the club or bar, but this web show features drama in a bachelor pad over drinks for a waste of time and web space really.

If you are looking for good web TV to enjoy, you have a great many options, but just avoid these shows as they are just no good. If you are into the idea of the shows or curious, by all means, take a look, but don’t get mad when there is nothing any good to enjoy, as you have been warned.

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